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    Hello all,

    My name is Mark. I really love the idea of motorized bicycles. I was going to order from Kings Motor Bikes in the next few days, but I've read some bad reviews of the company and their sister companies. (aliases??)

    So, here's my question, will I be disappointed by that company? If so, where should I order from? Daemon Bikes looked like a good company, but they shut down. Or their website is down or something.

    I'm looking to spend about $150 on the kit. Can I get a good engine for that price? What would be a good engine that is easy to install, yet has power to move me up hills? I live in hilly country, and I don't mind peddling to get up a hill, but the more power the better.

    So, any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hey mark, Welcome to M.B.c.
    For the $150.00 price range, I think all the Chinese engine
    kits are pretty much the same. I'm sure someone will jump in with recomendations, but for better engines ya gotta spend better money.
    I buy the cheap ones couse they're easy to fix and the parts are cheap enough. My last personal build I rode for two years with only a clutch pad replacement. The last cheap one I bought had a bad clutch side main bearing and leaked oil through to my clutch, (It's a DRY clutch.)
    I say just do what ya gotta do to get yer knees in the breeze.
    Big Red.
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    What company?

    Thanks for the advice, Big Red.

    So all chinese engines are the same. That makes seance.

    But, then, what company should I order from? Does one website have better costumer service than others? How about ebay?

    And If i decide to buy a good quality one, where do I look for those? And can anyone reccomend any good models?

    And yeah, I really want my knees in the breeze.

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    thecheapeast kits i found were on e bay ive looked at these bike motor companys and they want like 250 to 300 for there kits i got myne off e bay for 160 that was "88 cc " slant head they say the slant has more power ive had no prolbems with mine
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    Cheap engines.

    Hey Mark,
    Dave is right about sleaze-bay, They have the cheapest engines. As long as you don't live in California you'll be OK. Ca. air resorce board (C.A.R.B.) banned the import of 2 cycle engines to Ca. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to get engines for my customers. I MIGHT just be OUT OF BUSINESS...
    Big Red.
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    The vendor review area and search will help you. Ebay is not really cheeper after shiping there are not many good things said about customer service.
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    Cheap Engines.

    I don't know Stan, I might have you on this one.
    Luckyearlybird... $134.99 + $34.99 shipping = $169.98 to your door.
    I guess ya gotta show me.
    I really do hope you can find a cheaper one for the guy. If he has ONLY $150.00, then almost $170.00 is over his limit.
    Big Red.
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    Perhaps I should have said "Not that much cheeper". And customer service goes along way. Rick and his wife have been getting very bad word of mouth. Also I have noticed a lack of 49 cc kits. (Which I would suggest. The 66 cc is way out on most state laws.)
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    Yeah, It' been like for more than a year now they've been scruuing up. What the heck is up with them?
    Big Red.
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