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    Hello everyone, I am new to all of this. I became very interested with motorbikes when I realized pocket rockets were wayyyyy too small.

    With that said, I want to build an engine (50cc or less) from scratch and put it on a small bmx bike. I'm gonna worry about the bike later, right now I need to focus on building this engine. I have had trouble finding used engines of any time (lawnmower, chainsaw, motorcycle) so I thought I would give building from scratch a try.

    I would appreciate a list of what I'll need and if some smaller parts can be bought from a kit please add link. I don't mind a challenge so if it's difficult then don't worry. However, if you think it will be more difficult to find all the parts then to buy a used engine from somewhere please let me know. Any other help will be appreciated. THANKS.

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    ummm no disrepect

    why not buy a complete kit only 200 us has all to motorise a bike ?

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    Welcome to the forum. I would use a kit for my first build unless you already possess an engine that you want to use. Just my $0.02
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    need some more info about ya, what country ya at etc. Then we may be able to help you locate the MB kit distributors closest to you.

    Have a look around in the gallery to get some ideas from the photos posted, most popular options etc.
    If it's your very first MB build, chances are it may not be your last.

    If you do get your idea up and running, that's great to, just post in the gallery as you build yout project.

    All the Best

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    Sorry about the lack of information. I'm from center Pennsylvania, Penn State University. I was also wondering if it's possible to use a lawnmower engine or chainsaw engine and put it on a bike?

    As for an engine kit, what site do you all recommend?
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    From scratch...LOL. I don't think he meant from scratch..if so start out by buying the raw aluminum. Then build a form.

    As far as a kit, depends on state laws and do you want to follow them. Some states = no motorized bikes, some less then 50cc, but here in Alabama, it's under 150cc. Sweet Home far as motorized if not the most lenient states.
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    To view what is IN a kit, or suppose to be IN a kit, check out
    Has pictures of what a kit ought to include
    rocksolid specilaizes in modifications if you need any.
    They do an extensive range of kit upgrade.

    I know, it's in Aus. but mainly to show some variety of vendors and the length they go to in providing a service.
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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum.
    cheepest kits i know
    happytimes and or friction

    note:beware he also has lots of the china junk avail.

    good luck enjoy.....