New and Uneducated. Buying a used BoyGoFast- good deal?

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    I am not very educated about motorcycles. I was searching craigslist and found a 1962 Murray bike with an 80cc BGF motor for $320. The man says the bike works fine but after doing some research it seems BGF has mixed reviews.

    I am not mechanically inclined and really just want something reliable and sturdy. I just like interesting toys but don't want to waste money. I plan on riding this 2 miles to work everyday.

    Does anyone here advise buying an 8month old use BFG or suggest buying a new one off ebay? I am a little intimated to build on my one but if they are easy I could try.

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    Boy Won't GO.

    In my opinion, I would start afresh. I have had very little luck with Boy Go Fast. In fact the biggest thing I in common with the articles I got from boy go fast was their ability to fail. I recently purchased the clutch lever from Boy GO Fast and the only thing I could salvage out of the transaction was the button. Fortunately that's all I needed, because I was able to rebuild the lever that I got previous with the button from the lever from Boy Go Fast.

    If you check the articles in this site regarding Boy Go Fast you will see a majority of them are negative. As kits go they are usually the least expensive set up and you generally get what you pay for.