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    New member from Mesa Arizona. Both my wife and I are experienced Motorcyclist, Honda ST1100 for me and BMW R1100RT for her. Although we each ride ~20K miles a year, we love the idea of motorized bikes. It is another adventure. I am currently finishing up a Schwinn Windwood with a Skyhawk GT5. We are look forward to sharing information with you.
    Russ & Carolyn

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome Russ & Carolyn to the MBc. We certainly hope you will have as much fun on your MBs, and save a lot more money than you did on the Cycles. If you need any help, just search, read, and ask questions...we have some of the greatest Gururs in the field right here....largest Forum in the world!
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    Welcome to the forum. I used to commute across the East Valley on my motorbike and had a lot of fun.
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    welcome from FH :)