new at this help need to first identified .

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    well first would to say thank i am new and will error so feel free to correct me,if not on the correct area. would to know what bike I have it was sold to me by a friend and to my know how it is a whizzer but somebody told me that it was a cruzzer , how can I know.What bike and what year .The vin. number last four digits are 6501 wc1, also do not know what is this story about whizzer and cruzzer can some body explain. thanks

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    wc1 motor

    well reading some on the internet ,their was some thing negative about wc1 engines would like to know if this will happend to my bike , but do not know year yet , would like to know exactly whats the problem and if I can prevent it or correct it thanks.,
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    Hi jeb
    Unfortunately the WC-1 engine is a problem. The valve seats were pressed into the cylinder instead of cast in place like the 2005 and later engines. It is a pretty sure bet that the valve seats will loosen up and fail. Usually at around 500 miles or so. There are still some upgrade parts available but they are getting harder to find as they are no longer being made. If you do have a Cruzzer it is still all Whizzer as far as the parts are concerned. I have a 2000 Cruzzer but I still call it a Whizzer. They were made by the same mfg in Taiwan. Any other questions just ask. We have a couple very knowledgeable Whizzer experts here.

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    Hi, jim
    Thanks for the responds . Yes would like to be in touch with the experts , Would like to know if I can upgrade before valve seats fail ,if its something that I can do ,were can I purchase the parts ect... also if there is a way I can identified the year. thanks
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    Vin Plate

    Hi again.
    You should have a Vin Plate next to the key switch on the neck. Here is a picture. It will have the date of mfg.
    As far as upgrade parts. Quenton Guenther may still have some. He is a member here. Send him a private message and I'm sure he will help you.


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