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    Hi guys i am new to this site i have read a few post the past month or so. I am going to be building a skyhawk gt2a frame. I am on a bit of a budget as of right now, i am looking for any ideas as to what kind of bike i could buy and part it for this build. I know that i am going to upgrade all the parts, here and there as time goes by and i have the cash to do so. But for the time being i would like to get it up and running before investing a lot of cash into the build. I live in el paso tx and cant find a shop that will help with parts for a motorized bike. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    buy your parts on-line
    JNMotors, Sick Bike Parts, Gasbike, Pistonbikes, etc
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    For the bicycle parts, go to a pawn shop and get a mountainbike with 26" wheels, preferably with V-brakes and a spring saddle. The bottom bracket is for the old school one piece crank with press in cups. If you take your time, you should be able to find something cheap.

    It might be best to start with a new rear wheel, though, one that you can true, set the bearings with some degree of accuracy. I am talking cheap, heavy steel rim for $30 - $40.