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  1. Freakerseca

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    Hi all,

    I completed my build 6 months ago.
    It is a 66c starfire a80 on a GT Agressor frame.
    i have found the site invaluable for learning about mechanics.

    Does anyone know what damage to expect after clutch stall stopping from full revs?

    The bike will idle but bogs under revs. its not the carb as it has been replaced.

    It is something electrical,
    Would anyone know whether it is the cdi or the magneto?
    Thank you

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Hi Kent, Welcome from the land Down Under...

    First I don't feel it's a electrical problem. Since the engine will start and run...but could be, I've run across some strange things. I feel its a fuel problem. Just because you changed the carburetor doesn't mean anything. You didn't mention what carburetor you have. A NT or CNS. The CNS are very temperamental as the NT are straight forward. Have you changed out both the high voltage lead on the CDI and spark plug?
  3. Freakerseca

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    new aussie member kent

    Hi Al.

    I have enjoyed reading your advice, i am stoked to hear from you.

    I can't reply to posts. Somehow.I am logged in.

    As my kill switch isn't working I have to stall it with the clutch to turn it off.

    My throttle jammed on full. I had to clutch stall it to turn it off.

    Since then the engine has idled but goes into bogging with revs.

    NT speed carb.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Try this...
    Might be the filter causing it to run rich. Remove the filter system and give it a try.

    Are you saying that the engine went fell RPM's (jammed throttle, no kill switch) and you had to stall (shut down) the engine with your clutch and brake? If so, I think only the clutch pucks might got some wear. You might want to pull the flywheel and inspect for damage. I don't think it did but you might want to check. Other then that I can't see how it would damage the engine itself.

    Years ago (telling my age) Dodge installed a emergency brake on the rear of the transmission. This was a round band. Should you loose your hydraulic brakes you could pull the hand brake thus locking the transmission up and stalling the engine. No damage would occur.
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  5. Freakerseca

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    Hi Ron,
    I am happy to hear from you because you give people useful advise that tends to work.

    I tried removing the air filter same behaviour - rough idle straight into massive bogging as you rev it with no power. ( it wouldn't push me along on the flat).

    Yes you've got it. the bike was at WOT (full revs) and I dropped the clutch to stop the engine.(because I don't have a kill switch.)
  6. Freakerseca

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    Hi Ron,

    I did some reading on this site and heard of a nightmare where a guy had oil all thru his magneto.

    I took my cover off my magneto to find it hanging on by two of four screws.
    the other two screws were almost completely undone. what's more, one of these held the ground mounting.
    there was a light bit of oil in there- not much at all.
    cleaned and tightened it all up, now it runs fine.

    Thank you for your help troubleshooting the problem.