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    Plumber by trade that enjoys a challenge...sometimes. Anyway, I've got these two occ bicycles, I purchaced two grubee star-fire kits and I've got two motor mounts and exhausts coming in from Barry out of Marion, of yet to arrive. Come to find out that when trying to install the rear sprocket from the kit, the nine mounting holes woun't clear the hub. The nine mounting holes are about 2 9/16" center-center and the hubs outside diameter is 2 1/2". The literature says there are two styles of nine hole sprockets, a 6mm and one for a 8mm bolt. Does the 8mm have a larger diamiter bolt pattern? I've tried contacting their Free Technical Support at 1-888-548-2453 several answer. As of now, I'm going to need two complete sets that will clear the sprocket, two rubber isolators rings, the inside retainer plates, and I think the nine mounting bolts with hardware(they may have to be longer than the nine I have).
    Point me in a direction.
    Thank you.

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    Welcome aboard. Always good to know a plumber!!! :D

    check these out:
    Before we get too techy in your intro, have a looks around. try OCC sprocket adapter as keywords in Search.
    Post your questions in the Frame Mounted Drivetrain section.

    Contact motorpsycho and azbill. Both have experience with the OCC.

    Good luck & again...Welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    sprocket for occ

    Thanks Dave for the forward direction~ I was just on the phone with a friend of mine, he's doing the same build. His kit is from RAW, has no problem, his nine mounting bolts on the rear sprocket are about 4" center-center (holes aren't exactly straight across from each other, as were mine at 2 9/16"), plenty of clearance for the 2 1/2" hub. So now I know there's a motor kit with a sprocket that'll work. I hadn't done any research on the RAW kit but at least know they have a sprocket I could use. It would be nice if Grubee would get back with me and have the fix.