new bgf bad head or jug?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by beentryin, Feb 2, 2011.

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    i bought a bgf 66 off ebay about a month or two ago,and just recently got my wifes three wheeler frame done,and put the motor on,it started at first,ran pretty good turned it off,let it sit a few, and retourged the head ,which was pretty loose,tryed to start it.and it back fired or popped and would only fire every once in i pulled the head and noticed it spitting fuel and oil out of between the i put my spare head gasket on it ,it fired rite up and then popped,and when it trys to fire it makes the typical head gasket squeak ,pulled it back off and sure enough oil comming out of between the head? this is a brand new motor any suggestions on how to fix this?thanks in advanc

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    Only suggestin is order new head and put it on sometimes fridays happen in china to. Boy go fast drops ships his stuff so he doesnt mess with them they sit in warehouse and when ordered u p s come and gets it. And then delivered to customer.Head sounds like it is warped mine leaks a little bit im not messin with it let er leak. Put head on flat surface and look how it sits on table like it sits on motor look for alot of space and see if it is warped you might be able to salvage it.
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    It does sound like a badly machined head or cylinder top. After you check the flatness of the head you have to check the cylinder. I can see how a jug top surface could be machined wrong, too. I just dont wan't you to get a new head when it's a jug you need. They're nearly the same price for a new one. I'm saying you have to pull the jug to make sure. if there's no problem, rub 2 stroke oil on the piston, rings, and cylinder walls and CAREFULLY , making sure the rings are in the right place, re-assemble.

    Sonny is pretty good at making good on a bad deal. Especially when you can show it's nothing you've done.

    I use Permatex Copper Spray-a-gasket on the head gasket. It seals the top end up like nobody's business ;)