New bie in Oklahoma

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    I'm Ron T. I took a gas bike building at a local Vo Tech school (taught by a member of this forum roddy4477)

    I installed a Grubee skyhawk 48cc on a old schwinn steel frame.

    So far its been GREAT. I love it! Next saturday is the last class he shows us more maintence and tuning tips. Then we take a shakedown ride across town for a lunch together.

    I also plan to ride to a Motorcycle musem in Warwick Oklahoma (about 27 miles from home) they have a old board track racer and a few other bikes...

    I hope to learn alot from this forum


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard, Ron T.

    A course in motored bike building at a Vo/Tech school. It's a good idea. Newbies can learn with someone right there to help. And it's liable to spread the notion of alternatives to cars further than a forum will.
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    Welcome to the forum. These motorbikes are a great way to learn basic mechanics without the complication of electronic complexity. There are only 3 wires to deal with.