New Bike, 128 Miles Per Gallon, Folding HONDA Power

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    Hi MBC!!

    We've just gone live on the 4th of July with a new folding custom 4-stroke.

    The drivetrain is designed and made in the USA.

    The first Harley-Davidsons were bicycles with a motor, and with oil going up every year, we've gone Back to the Future with a 21st Century design that gets 128 miles per gallon of Regular gas. It goes 30mph. I ride these to work every day, 24 miles round trip, and with 9 years of R&D they are rock solid reliable.

    Join the Revolution, and come see our bikes at !

    Charles and Chika
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  2. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    6 grand. i could buy a lot of stuff with that. my $300 MB is ok
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    It's the Rolls-Royce of MB's. No doubt about that. It's built in America, with aerospace materials, and unlike every other bike I've ridden it goes without breakdowns day after day after day after day...

    The bikes wear out (replace BB bearings, wheel bearings) before the engine or drivetrain.

    If you want a cheap bike or DIY kit, look elsewhere. If you want a tested, proven, reliable commuter you can count on, get out your VISA card and pony up.

    Expect the price to come down once we start producing in quantity.

    But for now, they are handbuilt from robotic CNC parts, one at a time.

    And with a Lifetime Guarantee...
  4. I don't think youre going to be producing in quantity cause no ones going to spend that much,unless there crazy in the head.
  5. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    I would be interested in an american made kit for $200.
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    Wish we could! The price reflects the cost of machined parts made by American union machinists. The materials themselves- stainless steels, aerospace alloys, advanced composites- aren't TOO expensive, but the paid time of highly-trained machinists is. While the parts are made on CNC robots, the robots require supervision by those very well paid machinists.

    We are only producing a few bikes at a time for civilian sales at this time, so setup time for the tooling is also high. We've invested a fortune in design, testing and tooling over the years. The costs of running a business in the States includes factory floor, accounting, purchasing- all done by highly paid professionals. Add on that regulatory compliance, advertising, insurance...

    We've actually priced the introductory models just over cost.

    Unlike most kits out there, this one is ROAD TESTED on the bike before shipment, then disassembled and sent to the customer. The customer uses two allen keys, a phillips screwdriver and a crescent wrench to re-assemble it in about an hour. Then it's turnkey no maintenence for months.

    And, this kit is designed for use by military special forces. It deploys in a waterproof parachute drop case, goes in a submarine, gets towed to the beach underwater, unfolds, and GOES with a single pull of the rope, every time. The reliability of this machine is unbelievably high, due to the advanced materials and design. There are over 60 highly machined parts under the cover of the drive, and unlike every MB we've ever tested, this one commutes day after day after day with no failures or tire blowouts.

    It looks like a third-world ratbike, so it fits in overseas, but Chinese MB it is not. It is the best US Military grade paradrop bike ever made.

    When we go full production, expect the price to drop to under $2000.00

    LB, you have my word that if I could sell this bike for $200.00 and make enough profit to pay my crew decently and to provide you with the best stuff on Earth, I would.

    Until then, keep making your own. The experiments you do may create a breakthrough in design that decisively changes the combat destiny of the United States military.

    So upfront, this is a WAY expensive bike for folks who want the best stuff on Earth, with a lifetime guarantee.

    Best Wishes, CP
  7. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    is this a scam??? Who in their right mind would pay even $2000 for an mb???

    You do realize that anyone can build a super nice GEBE townie that gets 220mpg for $1000 brand new right???

    Sorry, the business seems to be in designing affordable kits... not uber expensive novelty bikes. Around here a $6000 price tag is almost offensive. try again.
  8. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Heh, at the price points the OP is listing, can't see that he might be called hawking his stuff here where most want a bike for a few hundred
    bucks. :devilish:

    He's talking about provisioning the military so my take he's probably just showing off his wares....and hard work.

    Well 128, taking you at your word, it looks like you're building a quality product for pretty much a niche market and so you probably already know this is a hobbyist board with mostly backyard tyros who are happy with that.

    BTW, the pics I saw were really dark, got anything better or is that by design?
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

  10. Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Thanks Happy for noticing the hard work!!

    We didn't expect such an unfriendly board, and had no intent on "offending?" anyone here- our price is our price, based on cost of machined parts. Definitely and up front a niche machine. And I hope everyone understands that WE LOVE the machines everyone is creating here. When I used to make one-offs as a kid, they cost a few hundred bucks. But this is a whole different kind of bike. MILSPEC and aerospace grade, swiss-watch complexity and reliability. Holiday is over, and we're going back to work building bikes and designing a new CNC prototyping machine.

    Will have better pictures later- after I go out and hire a "hype" department :devilish:

    Best Wishes, ATMC

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  11. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I appreciate quality... sometimes even complexity. You have to understand that you posted a reference to an ebay auction that had low quality pictures of a homemade bike listed for 6k.

    why would you expect a warm welcome from a site made up primarily of people who are looking for CHEAP transportation and usually put their bikes together themselves.

    Can you post some better pictures with high resolution, up close images of your "swiss complexity". It will go a long way in helping you sell a couple of these.

    I said "almost offensive" because at this point most would consider this a scam and you a con-artist.
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  12. augidog

    augidog New Member

    edit: i see you are now "onboard"...thank you, and welcome :cool:
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  13. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    No bad feelings 128mpg. Hope your company can sell them and make it.
  14. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    so.... all you cared about was the money??? still waiting for some decent pictures. Anybody that really put that much work into something would be the first to take and post high resolution pictures of their art. Only somebody that tried to sell a honda motor on a cheapo chinese folding bike for $6k would post low quality, low light pictures.
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  15. augidog

    augidog New Member

    c'mon vtec, you know me better than that...what i care about is the principles of vendor image/behavior on a consumer board...a simple issue that sometimes need attention drawn to it. we know i get intense with my expressions sometimes, too...but no it's not about the money, the product, or the company...i just take it very much to heart when the group isn't given consideration for knowing what's what.

    128mpg...beyond what i said above, there wasn't any need for my input in this topic and i'm asking for any moddy passing thru to remove my posts, you and staff seem comfortable with the setup now, so the "thanks" is sincere, the "welcome" is too...we shall see where your endeavor takes you.
  16. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Did anyone happen to notice postage costs for these bikes?
    ie Military/Police Special, cost=$6895, postage=$942.92. Must come gold-wrapped.
    Even the cheap and nasty Razor E300 electric scooter - $225 + $926.53 delivery.
    And how's this - a YAK trailer - $499.95 + $1211.63 delivery.

    128mpg - you claim that these are custom, hand-made bikes, yet your eBay page says 'Includes Specially Modified Bike'.
    Are they custom-made and CNC machined from aerospace materials as you claim or modified off-the-shelf bikes?
    You mention 'stainless steels, aerospace alloys, advanced composites'. Where are these used?
    You'll need to provide much more info before you can even begin to justify your pricing. And what is it with delivery costs?

    Edit: Gotta ask, too. I notice that in your eBay store you're asking for 'Donations' for 'American Tactical', "Join The Revolution". What is this all about?

    Augie, I understand your point-of-view, but from where I stand, this guy is full of it.
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  17. Neon

    Neon Member

    I'm sorry to say this, but i see nothing special about these bikes. Many people have put together much better bikes for much less money and bigger engines to boot. For $6k the bikes should have the best of everything. Hydraulic disk brakes, titanium frame, etc. Also the engine should be much bigger than 35cc. You could build a super electric bike, which are very expensive anyway, for less money. I like to see new companies appear competition is always welcome, but with prices such as these i can't see there being a company very long.
  18. Garp

    Garp Member

    If you want good stuff you have to pay for it. You can have junk more cheaply but it will always be junk.
    On saying that, it does seem a little steep!
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  19. adb140275

    adb140275 Member

    im fine with my $300 motorcycle i bought used, that i put over 300 miles on with no problems. no pedaling at all, and its very comfortable. 80mpg at 55 mph.
  20. tacoshell4

    tacoshell4 Member

    oh wow i would much rather have a brand new crf 450 r delivered to my doorstep