new bike before motor

here it is, i love how it's an Iron Horse OUTLAW


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just to draw attention away from the stock pic
(still havin cam probs wayde?)
I think I know where you bought it ! :D
Niagara square...the sports store in the mall ?
can't remember the name of store...maybe collegiate?
sports check problems is an under statement... i don't have a cam every time i want a pic i have to either use my phone of borrow a cam...too much money going to motored bikes to buy a cam
That bike looks good especially for a short legged person like myself. Hopefully you still have room for the motor.
Any bike that you can't stand flat footed on the pavement with out your twocan Sams hitting the crossbar, is the wrong bike for you. PERIOD.
May the farce be with ya.
that looks like a good bike for rack mount. u might need some pig greas and a shoe horn to fit a happy time in there