New bike build, what about adding a pull starter? and more.


I appreciate the time you spent to post all this, I really do.
I honestly don't care about suspension. It happened to come with the bike and my guess, under my 300 lbs riding at high speed on a heavy motorized bike, that the fork that came with the frame will fail. At which point I'll replace it with a standard plain old fork.

What I need to know about is how to replace that handlebar that came with this bike with one that reaches back some. The BMX style seems ok. If not than a beach cruiser style would reach back more. Last resort, and frankly would look dumb on this frame, is a long handle street rider type.
Anything to get me in more of an upright vs leaning forward ride.
So what I need to know are dimensions of the part that fits in the (oh what the heck is this called.) The part that clamps onto the handlebar. That thing. Mine seems to have a pretty big diameter. I need to take an accurate measurement. But I can't tell from ANY listing so far what diameter their handlebars are. Contacted several sellers now and not one bothers to reply.
So more reading to do. Still have time, still want to decorate this... family over all weekend, busy Monday, won't even get a start till mid next week sometime. So I can figure this out.
Get one of these, handy to have.
Well first, my frame DOES come with suspension, Again here. zeda bike frame
They have adjustments for firm or soft, but I don't expect this will last long, We'll see. I'm not into racing, just like cruising with a little motor.
My other bike, oh do i have a photo..... yea see attached.
originally that had a 2 stroke motor and was more comfortable. When I had the brilliant idea to upgrade to the 4 stroke had to get wider crank shaft,shorter pedal reach, and it's therefore more cramped. Been trying to find one of those laid back seat posts but it's got an odd size and NO ONE makes one to fit that is strong. So I just ride cramped. When I could ride, I can't get the thing started.

Listen, I rode a plain old 12 speed, hunched over for many years and many many miles. It was my soul source of transportation for a long time in the streets of Chicago no less. It hurts my neck, shoulders, and back to be on it for long. HATED it! When I got this beach cruiser I had to wonder why I put up with riding all hunched over for so long.

Side story here,
Actually when I was a kid, my aunt gave me her old sears 26" 3 speed bike. I modified it!!!! Found a rear banana seat with shock absorbing sissy bar,
(Which wore out and got replaced many times over.) replaced the handle bars with those long tall street rod type, replaced the shifter for a stick shift. (And that was quite a challenge, making two opposite brands work. Second was closer to third on one part and closer to first on the other. Had to find the very slim sweet spot in between to get it to work right. Put on a rear wide knobby tire. Pretty much all my weight was over the rear wheel. And this bike took me 3 miles to work and back in rain, sleet, snow, what ever for a good few years until I got my first car. Slipping on ice was not a problem. Set one foot down and straighten up. Having weight over the front wheel? That trick doesn't work. Front wheel slides, you go down. But not on that bike.
That bike was so comfortable to ride.
In fact, I used that bike on my first job. A paper route. Great bike to hold some 50 lbs of papers since my weight counter balanced the front. Well until I had to leave the bike, propping it up was a challenge. Kinda needed a front wheel kickstand.
Anyway, one of the prizes for selling the most papers was a motor for a bike. Of course I never sold that many, but one day, just on a whim I looked to see if those motors are still around.... and here we are today. Not only are they still around but quite the thing now with modifications, racing, all of it. LOVE IT!

So... back to handlebars. I really am thinking I should just get the bike together, before installing the motor, and get on. See how it feels and where I want my hands to be. Go from there. Most likely I'll need to replace the front stem, and that is one thing I have never had to do.


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Hello fellow bikers,
My poor bike sat all year last summer. Still can't start it... but maybe that's another thread.

Last year I bought one of those zeta built in gas tank bike frames. It's been in the box ever since.
I FINALLY bought a motor and some other stuff. Want to paint some kind of artwork on this pristine frame first so I have some time here.
Meanwhile I stumbled onto a few youtube videos showing how to install a pull starter. Seems easy enough, found them on ebay, not all that much money. BUT not one video actually showed someone starting the bike. One guy tried, pull pull pull nothing nothing nothing. Said it's cold, probably just cold. Well.... I know all about the pull pull pull nothing with my other bike. And assorted other motorized things.
Still it's easier to pull than to huff down the road and pop start one. THEN have it not start.

So... anyone have experience with these? Are they worth it? Every pull start motor I own has a choke and/or a bulb to prime with. How would these work then?
Also would I need a wider pedal crank bar if I got one?

One last sort of unrelated question....
I really hate riding hunched forward like on a ten speed bike. My first motorized bike is a beach cruiser. VERY comfortable. But this zeta frame came with a straight across handle bar. I suppose I should slap the wheels, and seat on and just try it but I kinda already know I'll be leaning forward.
So... anyone ever put more upright bars on one of these?
Just pulling up a random ebay listing here, not trying to promote anyone, but this is what I was thinking of getting instead of the one that came with the bike. bmx handlebar
IF I do this, is there a size I need to locate somewhere? Say like seat posts come in assorted sizes? Or are handlebars all typically standard?
Yea I put cruiser bars on my mountain bike that had straight bars and it works good. Also the my pull starter rope tends to break a lot but they are cheaply made but to me it's worth fixing cuz even if it's cold it starts eventually but it beats riding and basically "kick starting" my bike which is a b**** with a shift kit.
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