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    I am making a new bike. Finally. I am making a gas and electric hybrid.
    cruiser.png I just got this bike today. I ordered ZB-Jet80-SR Silver slant motorized 80cc bicycle motor gas racing engine bike kit from ebay. The idea is to install the motor first in the middle. and hoping there is enough room near the top for battery pack and controller. I have a brushed hub 26" wheel 350 w 36v. I am putting my triple forks bomber racing for shocks in the front <$4,000 shocks>. For now I am gonna have to use my oversize mountain bike bars.
    I am using both cause up north I get temps at 30 celsius below or colder with wind. I cant use the electric. Idea have a gas motor as backup. I will have to have 2 throttle grips on each side.
    In the warmer weather can use gas motor or electric or both. wonder how much torque and speed will get off that. I guess close to 100km per hour with both open up.
    I start building the bike this weekend and will upload pics as I progress.
    I had to get this frame for one make it easier to install both kits. Learnt a few lessons. My right hand will have the motor controls and not need much for the electric.
    Thats the project in short.