New bike coming on the 8th of July!!!

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  1. Robertriley

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    I just picked up one of Pats "Sportsman Flyers" the other day. It cost a grip but it going to ROCK! I'm also having Dan from Taylar Cycles make me one too. I'm so hooked! I started with modern racing bicycles (I had a complete 12.6lb Scott bicycle) then went to antiques bicycles (1899 to 1943) to my first and second motocycle (1943 BSA military and 1936 Coventry Eagle) now on to the mix of the two. I'll post so pics. I'll spend the next two week checking out the "Picture Gallery". Please keep posting your pics because it is motivation to others.

    Thanks for having me,
    Robertriley (Chris)

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  2. q999

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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum..
    let me just say those picks are awsome
    and ..yes very addicting..
    ? From where do you hail ? Chris..
    good luck enjoy ..
  3. Robertriley

    Robertriley New Member

    Riverside, CA (50 miles East of LA)
  4. q999

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    rained out today so spent the time talking bikes instead of ridding...big bummer.
    rain tomorrow too...tampa usf
  5. ghosteh

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    Great collection!
    When you get your new board trackers, be sure and post a comprehensive comparison of the two.
  6. Robertriley

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    I'm so happy that I have to leave town for a week to do training for a new job. The wait is killing me and at least the next week will go fast. I'll post more pic on the 9th. I have a friend that is doing a Worksman with a drop loop and a 6 inch stretch with a 1930s 125cc villiers motor on it. I'm not sure if his will be finish before I get mine or not. I hope I get mine first so I can ride it over there and not let him ride it. lol :annoyed:
  7. brett7777

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    Beautiful bikes!
    Can you please tell me what sort of bars were used on the Taylar tracker?