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    Hey guys,

    Right now i'm cruising around town on an old nishiki... She's old, She's still got her original v-breaks and tires. Tires are so old that they are riddled with hairline cracks; and the breaks stop, but i wouldn't use the words stop-on-a-dime. Anywho, I was looking into a new bike to mount all the crap onto; with a jackshaft kit, you can use a bike with disc-breaks front and back, and with the speeds that a jackshaft kit will do disc-breaks don't seem like a terrible idea... so i've been searching... Want something with at least front suspension, but i do like ripping through trails, and on the hard bike it's not so great, so finding something that is full suspension is the dream right? So far i've been looking at the GT LTS, and a small handful of other vintage dual suspension bikes -the vintage dualies seem to have an uninterrupted frame triangle, with all the rear-wheel suspension components occurring behind the seat post- thus allowing us gearheads the space and clearance of the rear shock to allow motorization. Unfortunately these bikes are... well... vintage, which makes them hard to get; and they generally don't have disc breaks... But now, I present to you all, The cutting edge in Motorized Bicycle technology!!! Straight from the ingenious shores of Japan! This is the bike we've all been waiting to get our hands on, and get a conversion kit into... The DOPPELGANGER VICERAL!!
    Look how gorgeously open that frame is, disks front and rear, and plenty of room for your jackshaft kit to fit in behind the seat-post.
    GT LTS great open-frame design, but so old that only a very lucky few of us can manage to get our hands on one.

    95% of modern full suspension bikes.... heavy modification required to mount a motor (-if you even can) that would either affect the portability, strength, or over-all performance of the bicycle.

    Anyhow, haven't gotten one yet, but i've ordered it, and plan to share my build with y'all!

    Cheers! PS product info;
    -Paulie B

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