Engine Trouble New Bike never seen it run

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bayhawk, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Bayhawk

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    Ok Guys, I bought this 66 from bikeberry in March, I have yet to see it run. I have replaced the CDI and Carb. Have done the carb tunning until blue in the face. Have 85# compression. I am getting fire and gas. I have even put a pully on it and spun it with electric motor and belt. Head is hot but exhuast is cold. I have tryed to pull it with a truck, no luck anybody got any ideas.

  2. wan37

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    Okay tell us more like what carb is it?What fuel mixture?.Check plug make sure it's not wet.Disconnect kill switch then try it.Hope that helps.
  3. Bayhawk

    Bayhawk New Member

    Ok has the stock carb, fuel is 16:1 plug is ok, kill switch not in the picture. using 93 octane ethanol free gas.Wires are soldered from mag to CDI.
  4. wan37

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    Al.fisherman has a great link to this,but can't find his post for it, search for it in the search engine on the forum.like no starting....I'm trying to help I know it can be frustrating.
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    This is a shot in the dark but what the heck. Al.fisherman has commented before about the key on the magnet missing before. It sounds like you have replaced the parts and these engines are not that overly complicated. Right amount of fuel, spark and some air and they should run. From your troubleshooting explanation so far my thoughts lean to maybe an issue with timing. Open the side case where you magnito is and do some inspection.Make sure the magnet is anchored solid to the shaft. Again, just a thought.
  6. BAM

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    Try and take exhaust off mine wouldnt start it was pluged with rust though worth a try
  7. Bayhawk

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    Thaks guys I will try. Let you know what happens.
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    85 # is really not enough compression.

    First I'd use starting fluid and see if it will start, then pull cylinder and check head gasket, piston and rings. The plug can fire outside the engine and won't under low compression.

    China girl won't start?
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