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    Ciao! to all the Motored Bike builders and enthusiasts everywhere!
    I bought my Nantung Jiali kit from back in January, but didn't get it all sorted out to fit my Murray "alley-find" bike until about 1 1/4 hours before the "Mods vs. Rockers" bike show here in Chicago last month. Bingo! The crowd voted me "Best Mo-ped", so I got off to a great start!
    I've been commuting the 20-22 miles round-trip to work every day since then, and aside from the vibration cracking, dislodging or rendering inoperative various components on the bike, it's an absolute "hoot" to ride! Everywhere people smile when they see it, or even stop me in traffic to ask questions, like the CTA bus driver and the other regular folks have at stop lights waiting for the light to change. So far, only one pompous fool in a huge SUV has yelled at me to "Get out of the way!..." (Ok, fool, you got it!)
    I'm presently addressing the vibration problem by modifying the motor mounts, though the clutch wobbling 30-thou at the perimeter is going to be difficult to eliminate and getting the rear sprocket perfectly centered on the hub with that "goober" ex-tire-sidewall, rubber sandwich is an "iffy" thing.
    Lights!...I need lights!...I've just succeeded in literally melting a 6 volt, plastic bicycle generator, so I'm looking with interest at my "white wire", but know an alternate voltage source is the real answer.
    ...and the noise!...way too much noise!...but it's more fun than the proverbial "barrel of monkeys" and way more easy on the wallet than any other motorized vehicle option I can think of!
    Is it a bicycle? it a low-powered motorcycle? is a "Transformer" seemingly happy in both worlds, worlds I'm very happy to be part of!...Let's Ride!


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    Hello Ode.
    Welcome to the site.
    Have you checked you frame for undone welds or cracks ?
    A 6v headlight and tail light from a bicycle can be used.
    Ground lights to engine. Use a switch to turn lights off and on. Engine will die at idle rpm and is hard to start with them on. Narrow spak plug gap a tad.
    Key words bicycle light 6 volt,good ground,narrower plug gap.
    Spooky tooth has a Quiet muffler. Call and ask.
    The rear sprocket set up from manic mechanic may help you.
    Congrats on best mo ped.
    Should of told them "Don't call my ride no mo ped, it a rocking motored bike".
    Good Luck