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    I wasn't sure where to put this, so General Discussion it is !

    I visited an LBS today (the only one in my town) with cash in hand wanting to patronize a small local business. It's a very small place and the selection wasn't very good. The only thing they had that looked like it might accept an engine was a brand called "Iron Horse". I'd never heard of it and upon researching it on the web, none of the bikes hanging in the LBS looked anything like the ones on the Iron horse website. I'm so confused....

    Though I want to patronize them, the Walmart super store has a lot more for the money in terms of features. I know, just more stuff to break....

    After checking, I found few Point Beach cruisers within 30 miles from home (don't always believe what thier website tells you, I found 2 within 12 miles by calling the stores....didn't show up on I went there and checked them out and they seemed too small for me. I'm 6'2", a little over 300 lbs. and without a set-back seat post and MB handle bars, I don't think I could ride it very far. That, and I've have to switch out the cranks.

    As much as I'd like to start with a retro looking bike, I think I'll probably end up using a Schwinn Link, or Aluminum Comp. The Link is a modern looking 21 speed, steel frame, twist shifters, suspension fork and spring seat post bike with smooth tread 26" tires. The Aluminum Comp is a fast looking aluminum framed hard tail with knobbies and trigger shifters.

    With the information above, which bike to you folks see as the best for a first time build, or would you pay the extra and buy from the LBS ?

    On a side note, one of the local Walmarts had a cute little 26" Next Ascent MB with dark pink accents marked down to $69 dollars so now my wife and daughter have a new bike to share and I still have none....:icon_cry:


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    I've taken a look at the "Link" before. Noticed that the tubes have a strange shape. I'm not sure if engine mounting would be very easy.
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    I agree about the tube shape, but I think that would easy enough to adapt to. What I did notice is the nice flat top tube. I have an idea or two for that.

    One of my main questioons was about the type of shifter the would be best with a twist type throttle. The types of shifters one the bikes I'm looking at are twist and trigger. Without any experience one this, my guess would be trigger shifter.


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    I ended up buying a lightly used Point Beach the had been gone over by a big local bike shop. Since buying it I've removed the rear package tray, changed the handlebars and seatpost.

    My intention is to put a shift kit equipped 4-stroke of some kind on it to get some experience.

    I have a wild idea for a twin engine 4-stroke with the engine tilted to a narrow V shape using Ryobi 26.4cc engines mounted to an aluminum plate, but that's pretty ambitious for a first time build.


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    Just be careful with the bent seat post. I'm 6'1" and if I sit up straight on fast take-offs I usually start to pop a wheelie. It can be pretty scary when you have a bus or large truck next to you.
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    What's the best kit out there with the HS 4-stroke ? That little Harbor Freight 2.5 HP motor looks like it would be too difficult to mount and I think it runs counterclock when viewed from the output shaft side.