New... bike stopped getting spark.


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Mar 13, 2017
I bought a new bike with kit installed. New engine, brought it home drove it about a mile then it backfired and cut off. Stopped getting spark. Bought a new magento and cdi decided to upgrade plug as well, The book that came with the kit suggested a NGK BP-L gapped to .6 or .7 if needed. Installed all new parts with plug gapped at .6. Btw I redid all the wiring to make sure they weren't to blue and black to black, killswith red to blue, and black to black Bike started 1st try drove it about a mile and it did the same thing backfired and died. No spark again tested magento reads normal 332 ohms can't get a reading on cdi though. Could anyone tell me why I lost spark. Also tried new new plug in old cdi and magneto set up no spark till I replaced the cdi the 1st time. Can someone help me please?