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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bbish, Jan 5, 2017.

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    I just built a MTB from a Schwinn swindler and a California motorized bikes motor, the carb was bad and had to be replaced. It idles right but when I am riding at low speeds the engine is really rough until I get it up to speed. Is this normal ? Also my cylinder crank has a oil leak and the gasket is wet looking. There is no compression loose or power loose what should I do? And lastly for the break in I am running 24-1 ratio, today was my first day riding it and I did not baby it at all. I didn't ride for more then 30 minutes at a time but I did wot for a couple seconds at a time. Is this OK? Thank You -Bradley

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    Slower speeds and take off will be ruff until it's broke in and set up properly!Not sure what you mean about cylinder crank but if a gasket is leaking it should be addressed,thru the break in period varied speeds and short bursts of wot to make it pull is ok just not sustained,look thru the from for how to set it up after break in!
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    Thanks for the fast reply! It is the gasket under the cylinder, it's like paper. Oil seems to be coming out of one of the sides. I just tightened it up so I'll test it in the morning. What do you mean by set up properly? Like carb adjustment or what?
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    I think he means the whole setup no more loose bolts it's run in better fuel mixture better then stock spark plug then if it's still not performing adjust the carb needle....remember to do one thing at a time so you know what went wrong when playing with new or different parts or fixing .no point putting in a new or different spark plug and adjusting the carb at the same time if it goes better what made the difference.good luck
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    check head torque if base gasket is leaking, but on some motors there is a leak at the front case bold on mag side right under the cylinder - a washer or o-ring will fix that