new bike

hey here are some more of the bikes that i have done here in town

but the one with the motorcycle seat that guy did on his own it is nice


  • moon dog 4.jpeg
    moon dog 4.jpeg
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  • smoken joes motor bike.jpeg
    smoken joes motor bike.jpeg
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  • smoken joes motor bike 3.jpeg
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  • mt motor bike 2.jpeg
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  • mt motor bike.jpeg
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  • moon dog 6.jpeg
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yeah thats erne from a place called smoken joes go check it out online you might like it but im not that kind of person any more
Nice looking bikes!

The Moondog is looking really familiar! I'm using the moondog for my very first project.
Turbo,what motorcycle did he salvage that seat from? That can go on my bike pretty nicely sitting on my rack.
well im geting one its worth the price when you have to seat down on the bike seat for 6 hrs a day its worth it to me