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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by quanzus, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. quanzus

    quanzus New Member

    Hello, my name is Quan and I just bought an 80 cc chinese bike motor kit from ebay. My knowledge of these motor bikes is limited but I hope to learn more from these forums!

  2. GearNut

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    Welcome from California!
  3. ENO

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Quan..Welcome from Eno (Down Under)....Mbc is a great forum for those of us who need help, information and better ways to do things..check out the Photo Gallery to get an idea of what you may want to build, use SEARCH for specific problems and post some pics so we can see your progress..usually the mountain bikes with the diamond frame dont give you many problems but as usual electrical and tuning stuff sometimes becomes tricky..Good luck..ENO (Oz)
  4. quanzus

    quanzus New Member

    Thank you guys, I never knew that there so many people with motor bikes out there. I actually need help with the clutch. If you guys can help me, I'll appreciate it very much. I posted a thread under the drive train session.