new bikes to motorized

well here are the new bikes i am working on one is going out the door for a speed freak

1970 schwinn varsity hydralyic front end with 26 skinny with 27 skinny

very fast

then my back porch. i wonder what the aparment thinks

the my new vikes i got from the dumpster a one year old jamis cross country bike 6061T aluminum light as a feather then the trek 820 fast was doing 28 human power constant on the bike in the streat alone

then my pride and joy my old bike schwinn predator comp very very rare to have that was stolen from me like 7yrs ago back when i did bmx raceing well that killed me never raced again

but its back and am so happy dont acre that it looks like **** but my parts are still on it i think im going to do elctric

but a idea shoot in my head my son might race one day so i think its going to be his for raceing if he ever try's it


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