New Block, Who to buy from?


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12:13 PM
Feb 19, 2008
Long story short ive got a bad seed for BGF and i need to replace the engine block. Now all the sellers prices are about the same, so moneys not a factor here. All in all, its kingsmotorbikes a high quality seller over BGF? and will all of my components be compatible? ( Carb, Exhaust, Chain, Ect. ) Or should i stay safe ( or not so much ) and stay with BGF?

I'm having to walk a few miles to work as of now, and its not workin' for me :???:
If you will contact dax Duane can tell you if his block will work with your parts and the service you get there is unequaled.
Jixz - I have most of the engines from the suppliers. All the ancillaries will fit the other engines, the bolt patterns for the manifolds are the same. One thing that you need to know if you try and replace parts is that some of the insides are not the same. Kings and Revolution have short rods and Dax and Spitfire have long rods. If you decide to take it apart and install a new top end for example you will need to measure the piston top to pin distance, and then check with the seller to see what piston he has. And also there are two different bolt patterns for the head, and two size bolts also. Have fun, Dave