new BMP chain/belt drive system

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    I don't know if this is in the right section or not. I have a BMP friction drive kit with a Robin-Subaru engine, and am pretty happy with it. Then I go to the BMP site, and found that they now make the same kit with provisions for a jackshaft type chain drive kit. You have your choice of a belt or chain jackshaft drive, with chain drive to the rear wheel, which basically makes it a rack mounted drivetrain. So, I have decided I have to have one of these new kits, so I can put off road tires on the bike and ride it on trails, and also not have to deal with water (all the way along my route to work there are sprinklers by the sidewalk, which get the bike lane wet) Has anyone tried one of these kits yet? I have pretty much decided to go with the belt driven jackshaft, and one of those (super expensive) sprockets that clamp onto the rear hub, rather than the cheap rag joint ones.

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    Anybody out there with this setup? Please report!!
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    Me, Me! I got the kit!
    I set it up as a FD though. lol! :)
    I will most likely play around with it and switch it over this summer. I'll let you know.

    The New BMP Kits drive channel is 11" long, not 10". You'll need to buy the entire new kit. $109.00 FD & $69.00 belt and chain drive option plus ship if I remember correctly.

    Is the new site up yet?

    New Co.- Website still not opened. "Late June 2011"
    BMP FD Kit: $139.00
    Combo Kit Chain and Belt Option: $ 89.00
    So, $228.00 plus ship.

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    I have the kit, i too upgraded from a friction drive to be able to use off road tires. The kits very solid except the very first gear (the one on the end of the shaft that has the clutch drum on the other end) isnt keyed and is held on with set screws, which came loose and slipped constantly. I got so fed up with it i welded it on... But, im running a 4.2hp gp460, if your running something weaker i believe it will be fine.
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