New board track replica

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hotrodlincoln, Dec 13, 2008.

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    You don't want to see the prices.LOL
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    Timeless Motorcycle

    This is an article from the "kneeslider" from April of 2007...I'm sure the prices have gone up by now but back then it was $10,995 for the street bike and $9,995 for the boardtracker...Really not too bad if you consider what they had to do to get all the parts made for that bike...Most of it was cast from original parts...Heres the link

    They also have a few videos on "you tube" just enter timeless motorcycle in the search..They are actually very cool bikes...I asked on youtube to upload a video of the board tracker running and he replied saying that they would have a new video uploaded of that soon. Anyway, there ya go.
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    Thanks Redpiper, I'd say that's reasonable for a bike that well done, Kiwi cycles sells 1948 Indian chief replicas, not the new Indians, but true replicas all the way down to the finest detail, I think they get upwards of $25,000.
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    Timeless motorcycle

    No problem, I have had my eye on them for about two months....I found another website if your interrested...Its called " Wheels Through Time". Its pretty cool and loaded with old bikes, BOARDTRACKERS !!!! YEAH !!!! lots of video of them running...