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    At the moment my buddy is riding my mits friction drive, since he lost his license DUI style..... needless to say he rides like a maniac, easy when its not yours, not the TLC it needs, so the sooner i get the new rig together the better.

    OK the build after doing a little bit of research over at Endless Sphere (6 pack of Heineken worth) we have the following components sitting in his apartment as we speak..

    750 watt front wheel hub motor

    i was really impressed with this kit the extra effort they took to tidy up the electrics, the wheel was true out of the box, well worth the extra $$$, save on the headaches down the road.

    PING power pack 36 volts 20 amh

    everyone says they are some of the best out their so we will have to wait and see, the charger they sent with the kit was a dud from the start.. sent email today will see how customer service is....

    We picked out a Topeak bag and carrier to put it all in

    All we have to do now is find a donor bike hes a bit of a short a$$, 5 ft range, so making sure we find a bike that he can reach the ground on at least. His current bike is a hybrid with 700cc wheels.. i hate that size keep them on racers only PLEASE.

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    Well received the new charger within a week, so kudos to PING considering it came from china.

    Ended up buying a wallyworld special for the build, went to the local bike shop and picked up a steel front fork which should work out pretty good. The battery pack is a bit of a squeeze into the topeak bag, hadnt accounted for the slant in the bag shape but it fits nice and snug and should work just fine, the clip system the rack uses is excellent and keeps the weight locked into place nicely.

    Done some last minute shopping for a kickstand, fork spacers a new headset etc, so we should be building this bike up by next weekend hopefully. Will post some pics of the pieces later when i remember to take my camera with me.
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    After waiting to find the perfect bike for a couple of weeks on craigslist, we came up empty handed, so he bit the bullet and we went and bought a wally world special for the time been....


    We had to change the front fork out for a steel solid but apart from that no major mods... needed. It is about 80% done it came out pretty clean, wires nice and neat the rack works perfectly, controller zip tied underneath.


    Put a nice relaxed cruiser handlebar on the front just have to replace the brake cables, got ride of front Dérailleur completely and switched the rear to the left hand, putting the motor throttle on the right.



    pics of the ping battery with the bms on top, some expensive merchandise but hopefully worth it in the long run, fits perfectly in the topeak rear bag, which has a slide rail to hold it to the rear carrier, works nice and sturdy..

    Still have to wire the battery and controller connectors, run the brake cables and then it will be ready for a test run.... the pyramid stand is my favorite accessory, motor on front, battery pack on the rear and still not a chance of falling on its own weight.
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    Cool. We look forward to a test ride report. I'm interested in the performance of the 36v20ah ping batteries, since they are the most expensive part of the kit.