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  1. sawdust

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    Just finished this bike build. Had to do some work to make the motor mount there are no bolts in the mount. It's all welded and had to make it a inch wider to move the motor over far enough for the chain to clear the back tire. As usual, I used a 4 stroke engine for this build.

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  2. Ninja Turtle

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    Looks great man. What's up with the loop in the gas line and are you going to add a rear fender?

    Seeing that grip shift doesn't look bad. I never really thought about it but before seeing it I would have thought it would look weird.

    I see you like the 4 stokes. Are they as easy as the 2 stroke installs? Assuming you don't have to fab a new mount.
  3. sawdust

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    Thanks for the comment. The loop is the gas line? Haven't cut it to add a in line filter yet. Yes,
    I like 4 strokes cause I don't have to mix oil and gas. They run a whole lot quitter than a 2 stroke.
    Your hands aren't buzzy after riding for a hour. The engine mount on this bike required a bit of work.
    It wasn't just a bolt on job. The mount is one inch wider than when I got it. It also is stretched out
    about as far it will go, then I welded to make it one solid piece. If I had to do it over, I would just start
    out with just a metal plate and fab my own. Would have been easier.
    Are you going to be at Jays for the bike rally? If so, I will have it there and you can see how quite and smooth it is.
    Thanks again for your great comments.