New Build, Possible Problems?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by donputz, Aug 6, 2008.

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    The build went fairly smooth up to this point, no major and only a couple of minor problems, easily overcome with a new best friend, Plumbers Tape!
    Now however, I have a couple of issues. Alignment of the rear and front sprockets. How critical? My rear sprocket looks to be 5/16" farther out from centerline than the front. The only way I see to bring it in line would be to remove the outer rubber washer and replace it with something much thinner, but still needing to be enough protection for the spokes at the hub. Suggestions gratefully accepted!
    The second issue is the idler roller. I've read the posts concerning the spring loaded idler from Tractor Supply. I can't find it online, even using the parts numbers supplied in the post. The nearest Tractor Supply is a 4 hour drive from here and that's a bit too far for me right now. Again, Suggestions Gratefully accepted!
    TIA! Don

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    you will have to go to tsc, the parts are in the ctv and clutch section with the off road vehicles.