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    Well just finished my restored 1950 Schwinn Hornet Whizzer. Came out real nice I think. The motor runs VERY well. Maybe some one can help me with a little problem though. I think my belt is to tight. It seems I can't get the belt to slip enough when I pull in the clutch. Therefore when I stop it will die. Now on the stand it will idol real nice at a very slow speed but the rear wheel still spins. If I grab the wheel the motor dies. Do you guys think my belt is too tight? Thanks.. If you read this Quenton maybe you could help me in Portland dial this baby in??? We will be coming up from Georgia. Thanks

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  2. jbcruisin

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    We'll see you in Portland in a week :)
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    That definitely is a eye catcher.
    loosen the back wheel some,that should help.

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    I thought i would give a little more info, Front belt could be two different sizes, First one 2962x 28" long, second one 2962s 28.5" long.

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    That's one sweet ride! Really like the paint detailing. Beautiful work, great job!
    THANKS for sharing.

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    Very nice it looks just great. I have had the same issue with the belt refusing to slip. It is a balancing act where you really don't want belts to slip but you need the front belt to slip to make the process work. After stalling at every stop for some time I just gave in and installed an auto clutch. Well done on the build.
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    We'll get it set up at Portland this weekend. Bonnie & I are getting there Thursday or Friday.