New builder first bike!

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    Ok so I'm new to the forum I'm in Charlotte,NC and this is my first build and I have to say I think I'm hooked!
    It started out just a regular huffy frame that I raked in the front and shortened in the back, something I won't do again haha I have fixed it twice from the neck cracking, essentially I welded in a solid bar and frame supports then boxed it in with sheet metal.
    It is an 80cc/66cc engine although it says 50cc on the side due to laws here so it's not considered a motorcycle haha
    Anyways like I said I'm hooked and already planning on another build over the winter.
    Let me know what you think and thanks for looking!

    4C3DB7F9-0E26-4509-8CFC-F8ABB8E6C519_zpsidmuh1gw.jpg 7BB4DB55-9F8B-4C7B-85C4-3AB08D2279E2_zps5lengmhf.jpg 2F00D344-C48C-48E9-B9BC-18D8745E4806_zpspvr2leuq.jpg 60F31A23-AC82-4A93-8F8C-BA5161E2E5F6_zpsuelkfvtu.jpg 197B8D4A-88A5-4001-856C-38973F1D4C9E_zpsuzcp3abh.jpg 3FC6364B-6317-4352-9902-209FFCDB1C5C_zpsgm7esxip.jpg AB81F727-E2CA-4B07-A712-BB515FDFA4D7_zpszmfuzljt.jpg image_zpsbm918fun.jpg
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  2. Rblakely068

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    Sorry for no pictures, i was trying to do it on a phone and it didnt like that haha
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    Fancy gas tank haha
  4. Rblakely068

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    Thanks, I wanted to give it an old school look