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    Hello all,

    My name is Nyal, new to the forum and new to the motored bike thing. I see a lot of them in my travels and thought I'd put one together.

    Just got a Skyhawk 66 from the local Ace Hardware, right now I'm sorting parts out and getting ready to attack my Schwinn Beach Cruiser!

    One thing I've noticed is that I do not have a WHITE wire coming off the Magneto, just a black and a blue which conveniently match up with the CDI. Supposedly the white is needed to hook up to the kill switch on the throttle. Anybody seen this before and have any suggestions? I'd rather not run with a kill switch, too many years on motorcycles not to have one!

    Thank you for any help, I'll post some pictures once I get started!


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    the white wire isn't used anymore and was never recommended. you'll notice that the CDI has a female 2 prong connector at the end of each wire, just match up the wires from the cdi to the engine and hook the wires from the killswitch into the remaining plugs
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    Thank You Very Much

    Thank you for the prompt reply. Just registered for the forum and did a search that led me to a post that was pretty much the same answer as yours. I'm following a PDF of the instructions and that's where the white wire came into play. Just starting my build, getting all the parts laid out and making I've got all the bits and bobs before I slap it all together. My job takes me all over town (Tucson, AZ) and I see a lot of motored bikes on the streets!

    I do believe that I will be looking for a better setup for the rear sprocket once I'm up and running. I'll be using the set that came with the engine but I have to believe there are better options.

    Again, thank you for replying, it's most appreciated.

    Best regards,

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