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    Just hooked into this site. Looks like a great site for info. This is just what i'm looking for. I'll probably be picking a lot of your brains for info on what works and what doesn't. I built my first bike about a week ago. I liked it so much i'm starting another one. This time i'm doing a chopper cruiser. A custom stingray. My first bike was my mt. bike and from riding that I can see that it's all about comfort. Sitting up straight and having everything at the right height is criticle to comfort. Not to mention the need for the cruiser seat. Looking forward to sharing info with all of you , Thanks Bob Mac

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    Welcome aboard.

    Yup, comfort is an issue with these. The one big disadvantage of a motor assisted bicycle is that they beat you up a bit. With more experience I've learned how to ride it more like I'd ride a pedal bike. Using my arms and legs as shock absorbers, for instance.

    One hint; high pedal gearing helps.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.