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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HouseOfEl, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. HouseOfEl

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    Hey what's up people. Never built an MB before, but just ordered a nice 80 cc kit from and can't wait for it to get here. I've done a bit of research the last few months and they seemed like a good deal plus better engine. Any opinions?

    PS - Also looking for other MBers in the area!

  2. KellT

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    Hi I'm new to this forum as well as MB's and also from the Lehigh Valley Area.

    I'm about to start my first build as well, I've been noticing more folks zipping around on MBs lately and even saw a couple for sale at the local junk shop
  3. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    Nice, welcome to MB forums and lifestyle. Where did you purchase your kit?
  4. KellT

    KellT New Member

    Since it's my first build I'm working off one of the cheap chinese ebay kits just to test it out.

    The base frame is a schwinn swindler

    I'm going to replace the front forks with my old Mountain bike forks for the brakes as well as as the shocks.

    If all goes well, then I'll look for a better kit as well as getting the bike legally tagged as a moped. The ultimate goal is to make a Schwinn whizzer clone and probably some 60s style cafe racer clones
  5. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    That's awesome man, you already have everything you need to build? I am currently fighting tooth and nail with to either get my item FINALLY f***ing SHIPPED, or my money back.
  6. KellT

    KellT New Member

    I have a motor on order as well as a couple knicknacks, (carb, brakes etc) for this bike. Also if you're interested I found there is a guy that will be able to Title this as a moped so Johnny Law won't be breathing down your neck.

    Good thing too since he's based in Schuylkill Haven, PA

    If all goes well, I'm probably going to turn this into a bit of a hobby
  7. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    I'll start checking out laws and stuff soon, I did read up briefly, but now that I FINALLY got my tracking number for my order and I know it's on the way, I'm getting more serious about it. First thing I need to figure out is fuel to oil ratio for breaking it in. Do you have pics of your current project?
  8. KellT

    KellT New Member

    I actually haven't started yet as I'm still deciding what I want to do and also work has been a bitch on this latest contract.

    I'm considering two possibilites- having it look more like a bicycle or having it look more like a moped as well as a possible custom build. I have to go to harbor freight to get a Tig welder. I have an old stick but its just not that good for making a custom frame. I saw a couple guys near the Redners zipping by on MTBs with the chinagirls which is all well and good until they start riding on sidewalks (which they were doing) at like 25mph. I just want to avoid all the hassles especially in this area. (People tend to complain alot)

    Originally I was going to use the Huffy Nel Lusso, but after just riding it regularly as a bicycle- the frame is too small for me and it needs a longer wheelbase. So I'll probably either chop up the frame to extend it or add dropout link extensions to the rear tire. And since I'm going to be doing all this, it occured to me to possibly get some moped shocks for like $30 on Ebay. I'll have to fabricate a swingarm for the rear chainstays...Maybe even a Puch Moped front fork. It's quickly turning into a custom build idea before I even get started.

    Since I'm still waiting on some other parts that should be coming in a week or 2, I'll probably start a build thread when everything gets here. I'm basically turning this motorized bicycle into a full moped.

    I'm leaning on making it look more like a gen 5 star moped . [​IMG]

    I want some decent suspension since the roads here suck and I want to avoid some of the frame cracking issues I can already forsee on some of these wallyworld bikes.


    Only thing done to it so far is to swap the font forks with some old MTB parts as well as add the C-Brakes so I don't die an untimely death. I really hate the look of that down tube...

    To Do-
    change that seat-
    strip the bike and fix those crappy rack welds tires...
    Stretch the bike

    if you need MTB parts hit me up cuz I have two other old bicycles that were rotting in my shed
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  9. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    That Gen 5 star looks awesome. I got my package at about 11:50 AM Wednesday and it's about 95% complete on a basic level. What I mean by that is, if I factor in things like proper greasing, using some thread lock on all the screws/bolts, and cutting some new exhaust gaskets out of the caulk I bought. Then I'm really more like 85% complete. I also want to get the vibration reduction kit, I know this is gonna rattle like a MFer.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna get a chain breaker, hopefully the right bit size for setting the throttle in place on the handle bar and at least fire her up for the first time. Will post picks in the morning before I head out for the tools.
  10. KellT

    KellT New Member

    Just cut up an old bicycle innertube to wrap around the frame. What's your base bicycle model?
  11. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    I was thinking about that, and I might do it just for color match. But honestly, I just realized if I can fabricate a gasket from caulk, I can probably fashion something to absorb vibration. The base bike is some off brand model that I've seen two sellers using (and very different prices). I'm guessing it's the engine that's really making the prices different. Anyway I got mine from but has the same bike, even the same promo pictures.

    Anyway, the only thing that is giving me trouble so far is the drive chain length (gonna pick up a chain breaker once my girlfriend's car brakes are done in an hour or so) and the fact that I only got one nut for my pedal arms. I went to auto zone to get some nuts and ended up with some lock nuts that you see in the second picture. I definitely want to swap those out for the correct ones, I can't get a tool in there to tighten them all the way.

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  12. KellT

    KellT New Member

    Looks pretty good for the first bike build. Lemme know how that chain tensioner holds up. I'm thinking of welding on a plate with eyelet on the chainstay since Ive heard those tensioners are crap. Then again with the dropout extention, I may not even need the tensioner
  13. HouseOfEl

    HouseOfEl Member

    Thanks man, yeah I must say it's looking pretty clean. I got a little too excited tonight and tried to punch a hole for the throttle set with the chain breaker. It would've worked if the vice part of the breaker didn't bow the handle bar up top. I'm gonna just drill the real hole a half inch down and cover the mistake with the brake lever.

    I'm 95% done. My back wheel was locked up so I had to loosen the flower nut. But SOMEHOW before I came to that conclusion, I tightened the clutch arm so tight that I shifted it or some nonsense. Now when I pull the clutch arm away from the bike the clutch disengages (free spin/pedal mode) and when I push it towards the bike it locks it up - which is the opposite of what it was doing before I tried tampering with the clutch line. Thought about doing a suicide clutch and just using my hand to reach down and drop the clutch until I can figure the BS with the wire out.
  14. Frankenstein

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    Allentown PA here as well, crazy city but found nice folks here, anyone wanna ride? Weather's been nice last couple days.
  15. bakaneko

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    You spoke too soon...
  16. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    It's almost 70 degrees now, if you want to tear up the road nows the time!
  17. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    One of my best friends here in the lehigh valley, good riding buddy too. The old guy riding the bike ain't too bad either.