New Burley Recumbent and Past TREK Cruiser


Removable fenders on stock TREK CNC bike.
Stock 26 x 2.25 Bontrager tires. Aluminum port side-rail added to hang TREK carry bag; illumination carried but not installed until needed. I sold this beauty of a bike and the engine; could not bear to ruin the CNC. Only 200 sold in US. So!

Bought recumbent to power with Tanaka PF3300 engine (need a bit more power to get up hill to house) with current GEBE kit. Works like a charm.


Appreciate the comment

It is a fun rig, I will say that. Comfy, but need the motor to go up hills, a definite need.


Trek Rear Light

Last item added, though I never ride at night: TREK rear tail light.

It is attached via 90-degree extender to GEBE wing-nut that retains gear/belt cover in place.

I said "last" as I am going to sell this recumbent, as comfortable as it is and go on to another challenge, installing engine on a RANS Dynamik or Fusion.

This bike is the best I have used or can imagine for dual (motor/pedal) use, but I cannot easily carry it elsewhere with car and have trouble dealing with traffic in this area. Farmers and out of town visitors from IA and WI have minimal driving courtesy, nor common driving sense, making it too dangerous to wheel around on bent, at least for me. We have had three serious accidents where bikes have been whacked and crushed by cars, and so on.


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Latest Machine

Might as well add the recent project, though mentioned in another thread.

This is the Raleigh Gruv 2 CF bike, out of production, that is the best rig I have completed to date and so good it may just be my last. I do not understand why Raleigh discontinued the bike, as it is a great bike for the money (on sale at $250 hereabouts) and seems the best of both worlds. CF bikes are going to take over, I think.

Add a motor and it is a crank forward gem that allows rider to sit low enough to place both feet on ground at stop, yet have good visibility and start control in traffic, and, with handlebars set low, power up hills by pulling on bars for greater leverage than non-CF bikes, free-wheel around town, which I do mostly, motor around and uphill on way home or when running quick errands.

And, it is not as expensive as a Rans Dynamic or Fusion,though not as light and sports lower rated components, but for casual rides, quite the bike.


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Alas, the Bent is sold

Great ride under motor power, but I was never comfy in traffic. It was too low for me and too many country people in town who do not look for bikes. I did not want to end up in hospital.

I sold that bent and put the engine on this CF, which is the best of both worlds and looks like the bike configuration of the future.


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Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for the great pictures and comments!
I ride a Rans Tailwind and it suffers from the recumbent drawbacks exactly as you said.
Also, for me, the CF design has another drawback: your feet fall off the pedals if you're not pedaling. I don't want to wear clips with a MB so it's annoying to have to hold your legs up, straight out, in front all the time.
The Rans also has a 20" rear tire and I think the bike would perform better with a larger tire. I've seen other recumbents with a larger rear wheel and have wondered how hard it would be to increase the size on the Rans? Is it just a matter of adding more chain and then re-hanging the engine?
Also, I think you mentioned this... It's hard to find a place to put a pack once the engine is on the Rans. I hang a small pack off the back of the high back seat. With a larger rear wheel, it would be even harder to find room.
Despite all this, the Rans is VERY comfortable once you're moving and I prefer riding it to my MB mountain bike.
The Raleigh looks great except that it doesn't have the high back seat that recumbents have. Is it still comfortable on a long ride?

Thanks again for the great pictures!
Steve G.
Grants Pass, Oregon


Burley Recumbent with GEBE

Sorry I did not respond sooner, but did not receive notice of activity or missed them???

Question responses: By "seat stays" I believe you are referring to "speed struts." No moving was required and engine sat nearly vertical or slightly forward, which is (my) preferred position - looks better, may be more efficient and weight near rider reduces wobble factor.

Frankly, I added struts later and no problems were encountered with motor, though I did have to fab two mounts where stays meet seat at top seat bar, which is shown on above links I believe.

Regarding the long ride. The bent is comfy save the feet being up and hills, and the CF is almost as cushy for rear-end. You can add a shock absorbing post to Gruv, which you cannot do on Rans CF or bent, if frame not flexible enough to absorb shocks.

The CF configuration reduces or eliminates the wrist-hand-arm tension of a conventional DF frame and makes longer rides easier. It is more of a balance between leaning forward and leaning back with pull on bars, as when climbing hills.

Anyway, install was simple. Required obtaining 36-spoke rear rim and longer throttle cable. As the pics note, I used a fabricated engine mount bar and a side bar to hold bag, and, as a side benefit it also serves to stabilize the entire rack system when attached to frame - a pair would eliminate the center engine mount bar.

The frame etc was completely compatible, but that may not be case with other makes.

I might add, a season later, I am glad I now ride the Gruv 2 Raleigh CF bike rather than the Bent, supremely easier starts and hill climbs, which I never could do and starting on hill was impossible, and much, much safer in traffic.

I was going to install on Rans CF, until I read DougC's comments on his install of GEBE kit on Fusion. A bit of research and luck landed the Gruv 2. Would not go any other route now.
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Crank Forwards and this Raleigh Gruv II

As heads up.

Have had this rig going over two years. No problems with bike, the GEBE set up or the motor.

CF is for me the best ride and would recommend to anyone. This bike is particularly good and inexpensive, if you can find one. Still, a Rans with shocks would be fine.