NEW BUYERS ! Would you buy one of these motors ??????

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Esteban, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Would you buy one of the Chinese kits if you were told,,,,,,,
    That after you bought it,,, you would most likely have problems with the installation , carburetor , gaskets , all bolts , etc., the chain , sprockets , muffler mount , chain tensioner , front mount , throttle , clutch cable & lever , kill switch , rusty gas tank , defective tank petcock , & there would be little, to no warranty or accessible replacement parts ??

    Would you still buy one ??

  2. Of Course

    I have told everybody this already last year.... They still sell... Don't believe me check it out.. These kits are ruining the resale value of quality builds. You could say HT kits just SUX, but idiots still use them anyways. Oh well, let them learn the hard way.
  3. I did...... I read up on the benefits and drawbacks before I bought it, and decided to buy it anyway. I was prepared for most of the problems from reading different posts and fixed them BEFORE even mounting the engine. Replaced all the bolts, gaskets, studs, chain, tensioner, clutch and lever. I see alot of problems on the forums with the engine kits that I have not run into, leaking floats, bad magnetos and CDI, sheared keys, etc. I have a different engine than most I see on here, and that might be the reason I dont know. It is a kit with a Grubee 48cc Roundhead that I got off EBAY 3 months ago for $125.00 shipped. I did not expect a warranty, and was prepared for what I paid for, but so far I am very happy with this motor. I dont see much on these motors whether they are better, worse, or the same. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

    But to answer your original question, looking at the quality, price, and shipping charges that the vendors are asking now, PROBABLY NOT........
  4. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    I think some people who aren't mechanically inclined, get frustrated with the HT engine. the need to almost constantly 'fiddle' with it is one of the reasons I bought this motor, price being the other.
  5. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Um, I never even considered one of those engines. They look cool in a cruiser frame, but just one look and you can tell that they're cheap. I'll gladly take a Mitsu or a Robin, Honda, etc. THANK YOU! I like Dim Sum though...
  6. Alan

    Alan Member

    Sure, they're cheap, but no, I wouldn't call us idiots. That's how the majority of people here got started. I own lot's of bikes, so the HT's are just a novelty to me. And they aren't that bad, if you know how to maintain one properly.

    Who cares what you ride. Just ride.
  7. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    cheap is good for me lol
    I know how to turn a wrench
    I do have some talent at working on things and it's something I enjoy doing.
    The basics of the chinese motors are sound. With the proper care these motors can go for a very long time trouble free.

    as someone else has stated: "It don't matter what you ride, as long as you ride."
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  8. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    SOOOO, I just rode an HT motor from Boygofast today, someone in my area has one. The thing goes very well, more power than my TLE43. (70cc's should) And it vibrates the **** out of your hind end. It was fun to ride, I might even build one some time if I can figure out how to calm some of the vibration. I agree with the "It don't matter what you ride." THEY ALL HAVE PROS AND CONS. Today changed my mind.
  9. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    And from a dealer who states that the motor is 80cc !!
    Folks, " You get what you pay for! "
  10. Jakylpops

    Jakylpops New Member

    Guess you're going to get some elitist person no matter what your hobby is. I'm perfectly happy with my HT even with the tinkering it took to get it running properly, and I'd rather be an "Idiot" with an "80cc" HT and an extra $300 in the bank, than a snob with an ugly rack mount any day lol :evil:
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  11. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    WE are all here for our own reasons, & rude comments/name calling is not one of them.
  12. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    It was a joke, hence the LOL.... I'm not an elitist, I just play one on TV!
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  13. I bought one too.

    The question here is not if we are all idiots, We are, at least to some extent. I mean to clairify that. If it weren't for the HT kit that I first purchased, I would not have any motored bike now. But given - the overall poor quality of my kit, if somebody had warned me ahead of time I would not have bought it. There are better quality kits around now so at least buy one from a reputable source. And I have a piece or two left of the original kit so it wasn't a complete loss. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  14. The Happy Time to me is the very definition of.. a MIRACLE.

    I have never in my life owned an engine so simple so primeval so WONDERFUL.

    I mean the carburetor DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ADJUSTING SCREWS!!

    There's a little notch in the needle you can adjust the clip up and down..

    The Happy Time is a tinkerer's DREAM and the longer I can keep mine running the MANLIER I feel!!

    Mine has exceeded 2,000 miles. It pretty much collects dust for my rack mount is so much smoother and better respected out on the trails (it's quieter and I can hide my engine if you look at me coming your direction)

    But I tell you. After a long ride on Cronus my Rack mount sometimes I like to hop on to MOOP my Happy Time and go around the block the long way. It's just so much more manly. I opened up the exhaust. Also,look at all the different modifications on this forum surrounding this engine. Clutch mods,Choke mods. Exhaust mods. Boost Bottles. Beer cans as air boxes. Beer cans as mock mufflers. Even those little rubber pieces that go between them fins. I find myself literally LAUGHING when I finish a ride on MOOP.It goes beyond giggling.

    The Happy Time engine has a rough start to begin with too. It's even a Miracle in itself how it ends up in our hands. It starts in China where laborers work for practically free according to our standards and make the parts for these engines. Then it comes thru customs as engine parts. I mean you cannot even pass this thing fully assembled.
    Then when it reaches our shores it gets put together by who knows who and then it is sold thru our vendors and/or e-bay.

    One day I predict in a few years the Happy Time may die a horrible death. The engine may get outed as not passing emissions standards. But right now generally our authorities are letting us go for the very definition of just what they are looking at really has not been fully established yet.

    But I think it will eventually happen. I also think that some of our bikes may even end up in a museum a hundred years down the road.

    I'd like to think that in a hundred years some kid is looking at MOOP and would be thinking just how hard of a life the owner of that bike must have had.

    So you get what you pay for.

    I like to keep my hands busy and well greased.
  15. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    I did, did you see the original post? I won't go back and forth with you, but a jokes a joke, sorry if you took it the wrong way.
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  16. wayde

    wayde Guest

    i guess all this talk put me to one conclusion the idiots with the happy times(i included) are just more skilled at maintenance then the people with the money for the virtually maintenance free rack mounts, be sides it's the tinkering that us idiots like so if getting our hands dirty in ourder to ride and have a blast makes us idiots then let us be proud idiots!!!

    enjoy your rides
  17. augidog

    augidog New Member

    alright you have any idea at all who you're talking about? really?

    i've put about as many miles on the HT's as anyone, definitely more than the guys tossing insults around. for some who don't know this...i'm the one who made the first beercan aircleaner, I'm the one who named the Happy-Time...but i wised up and now i spend my talents building better bicycles instead of fixing something before i can even go to the store. don't be calling ME out on my qualifications to talk about what i know about.

    time to lock the topic?

    i ain't gonna back off as long as i have to see these stoopid inferiority-complex attacks on experienced people who are trying to help. many "poor" people are coming here to save money, NOT get into a quirky & cute hobby...they need real transportation, the HT (at it's current level of quality) is NOT real transportation.
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    RATRODER Guest

    You are right, we don't need a repeat of last night
  19. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    In some of my posts I have said that I wouldn't have even considered the HT motors... I rode one today, and with ALL due respect, with the right vibration dampening I'd add one to my MB arsenal. What I'd like to find is someone in my area so I can witness the GEBE experience so many of you rave about. I think the major turnoff with the HT motors is the Chinese aspect and no warranty... I have had issues with my DE kit, but they've taken care of me.

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  20. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I don't know that idiocy has anything to do with anything. People choose different engines for different reasons.

    Is money tight, but you're willing to work? The old happy time may be for you.

    Is function everything, looks meaningless and money less of an issue? There are quality rack mounts.

    Like function, but looks mean a lot and money not a problem? Whizzer, my friends.

    There are other choices in between and all around these.

    Let's face it- many people who can afford $200 cannot afford $400, $500 or more. Further, it is not necessarily a matter of what you can afford, but what you choose to allocate to this hobby. Frankly, I can afford a new V-Rod, but I bought some property to build a house instead and spent less on my 2 wheeled hobby.

    There's nothing wrong with choosing not to spend more. To criticize those who can only afford one option (or choose the lower priced option) or those who can afford more goes against the MBc ethos. We are here to help each other in whatever situation we find our fellow MBers in; not to run people down for making all the same choices we did.
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