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    Willy Nilly pretty much explains it. I'm almost 50 & after 10 years of having no bike to ride,last winter I googled the heck out of it. Checked local bylaws, types of bikes, the whole 9 yards. (might sound funny from a Canuck but I grew up on British Measurement & old cliche's.) You will find that my future posts will include Kilometers/Hr. though, cuz I set my speed/odometers that way for obvious reasons.
    I ended up dropping 1500 Bucks Canadian (including shipping & taxes,) & got an "E-bike" a 500watt electric Chopper that is identical to the RAW Chopper sold in the States. I got mine from a Canadian Importer/Distributor called "Belize Bicycle" via a local bike shop. The initial price for ordering a RAW Chopper from the U.S. was appealing but shipping/taxes/DUTY would have driven the price up to ABOVE what I paid.:poop: (more @ this later in the section on local law.)

    Here is the latest U-Tube vid I made in early spring when I got it, I will be posting more on this bike soon as an update, and am prepping to build a gas bike @ 66cc over the winter & will post about that too.
    I look forward to reading more info - Installation pointers on this Forum should prove helpful.
    Here is the link :

    I hope you enjoy, Cheers, - Newf

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    I've never seen an electric chopper let alone with sound affects.
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    Thanks for the welcome & replies guys. I like your "sigpic" srdavo.
    As for the sound of that motor. It is not as loud now. It would whine like that when I pulled up out of my drive from a dead stop, and up steeper hills. then at 129 km. of use I blew the 20 amp fuse & pedaled home. The Canadian made fuse had thicker metal through the middle & added about 8 km/hr as well as quieting it a bit. It still drives Dogs CRAZY though, even when it seems silent on the flats.
    Update/Ride video as soon as I can but weather is wet for a bit.
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    Newfie Rider Update

    I'm still a newbie too & this M-B site is the BEST !!!
    Long story short - The electric chopper is fun, goes 40km/h for 80 to 100km if you pedal like YODA.
    Hmmmmm, A gas bike would go 60 for @ 200 k - Hmmmmm.
    So, I get Z280 kit from e-bay with NO installation manual, get great deal on an A-frame bike at local shop due to incoming SNOWBOARDS.
    Then this sight becomes a valuable tool. If you are a noob like me then you're in for a surprise. If it wasn't for the info i got here and via links to u-tube, i wouldn't be nearly as far along on ...
    ... ROBOBIKE

    Welcome to the site folks, it's ALL here, ... Yer in for a Fun Ride.

    My FIRST gas bike build - "ROBOBIKE"