Carby New carb, no power

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by remichi, Mar 22, 2013.

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    I broke my old NT carb while screwing on the air filter. (The aluminum snapped) I was lucky to be able to get a new carb in Kenya but somehow it is not giving the same results as the old carb.

    It is exactly the same type carb, the NT type. The engine runs but not great as said before. When starting I always need choke on, then turn off, turn on again, and keep repeating untill engine will run with just the choke off.

    Besides this the engine sometimes backfires.

    The worst problem is that the engine seems to have very little power suddenly. The slightest hill and I have to help the engine get up the hill. Also when opening the accelerator after I went over a speedbump it just does not want to go.

    I'm attaching some pictures of my new homemade air filter. Made from a candy tin. Do you think I should also put holes on the side of the tin facing the engine? Or will it get too windy in the carb/air filter?

    The c clip on the needle was in the middle, I put it to the absolute top because the spark plug was black. During a ride today this new setting did not have any difference on performance though.

    Thanks and hope you can help me get power back to my engine.