New carb spacer and slack adjuster homemade

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    I had a problem with my carb on NE-R getting very very hot using the 1 inch aluminum spacer.

    I made a spacer out of some phenolic called Garolite that I purchased from McMasters Carr . I got a sheet of 6x6 by 1/4 inch. Kind of expensive, 15 or 16 bucks I think. It is rated for around 500 degrees.

    I made it 1 inch thick , same as the stock, including the large deflector plate.

    I think I got the idea for the plate from Quenton, can't remember for sure.

    I used a real thin coating of JB Weld between the 3 oval plates and nothing between them and the big plate. I used the stock gaskets in their original location. No restrictor.

    The difference is amazing, before I could not touch the carb after shutting the engine off, it would burn my fingers after sitting for a few short minutes, and the gas would percolate in the fuel bowl.

    Now with the phenolic, the carb never gets hotter than I can comfortably touch.

    I may put some holes in the large plate for more cooling, haven't made up my mind yet. I will probably paint it silver when I am done messing with it.

    The slack adjuster on the rear wheel came about after I wrestled with it trying to keep the belt tight while attempting to tighten the axle nuts and keep the wheel centered in the frame.

    I turned the air blue for a 50 mile radius around Cheyenne, using every foul word I have learned since I was 6 years old. I even made up some new ones. Decided there had to be a better way. This is what I came up with.So far it works good.

    Next on my list is to make a chain tensioner to take some slack out of the drive chain. When the belt is adjusted correctly, the chain is still too loose, and will skip a notch when pedaling or trying to start the motor.

    Regards August

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    August, instead of fitting a chain tensioner, why not look into a half-link? I've used half-links on a few bikes, and they work well. Basically, it allows you to subtract 1/2" from your chain by replacing a full link with a half-link.
    EDIT: The half-link shown in that link is for the narrow chain like those used with derailleurs, but the wider half-links for cruiser bikes are also out there.
    2ND EDIT: Here it is!
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    Both items looks like they would work very well. Nice job. We like good ideas here.

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    Hi August,

    We did discuss the "cooler" idea, but you made it bigger than the versions I have used. You might try drilling holes on the bottom part of the spacer, but if you drill them in the top part it might allow the "hot" air from the head to re-heat the carburetor.

    Keep us posted on the progress.

    Have fun,