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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by danlandberg, May 20, 2009.

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    :confused:I had trouble with the carb that came with this kit. (fuel jet and tube broke and was in the bowel). I got a new carb, Installed it but I did not use the new slide & needle.(left the cable & cap together from original carb). I now have a little trouble starting it. But I have a lot better mid & top end power & speed. I have a little trouble with idle until it's warm. Any ideas? (The "nt" castings are different) ????

  2. danlandberg

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    If you don't no or not sure ask, it helps!
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Use the slide that came with the bike.
  4. Mountainman

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    first thought that came to mind

    first thought that came to my mind

    just watch what we are doing -- remove cable from old slide -- install new

    that would be for starters -- then take it from there

  5. Junster

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    Dan it may just be your motor is getting broken in. I know I need about 5 minutes of warmup before I have any kind of "normal" running or power.
  6. BSA

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    Maybe your jus runnin a bit rich by the sounds of it. On my bike the mixture setting that gives best performance WOT makes it idle badly.

  7. danlandberg

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    I'm going to change the slide & needle that came with the carb tonight. I'll try it out tomorrow, I finally got a saturday off! THANKS everyone!!!
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    BSA: I was thinking I might be running lean. When I do the slide change, I'll check DIA. & height difference! I have to have the slide adjustment screw in further on this carb to get it to idle. I do also think that it is pretty much broke in now. It does run like a raped ape compared to before. And I'm now using 5oz of oil per gallon. If it goes back to the way it ran before, I'll swap it back and just deal with the cold start and idle issue.
  9. danlandberg

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    I did the swap, put the slide & needle that came with the new carb. It would not run worth a cr^p.(I could not get it to idle & 4 stroked all the time). Tried adjusting slide screw & cable adjustments. (nothing helped) I put it back the way it was (mix matched parts). The needle for the new carb was fatter and longer with 1 less grove for c-e clip. The slide was just .1000nts taller, DIA was the same). I will deal with the hard start and warm up time, until I can afford a real carb (with external air & fuel adjustments). I'm happy with the mid & top end!!! (FOR NOW)