New Cdi



It was getting very difficult to start my engine time after time, and i finally after i couldn't get it started at all I broke down and bought a new CDI. Before i bought a new one I checked everything wire connections and all before i bought It. Along with my new silver high rise cap fuel tank, fuel line, and fuel valve, There it was my CDI, I installed everything first then comes my CDI install. Ok its installed , put fuel in the tank and took a deep breath. I asked myself well is it going to work or do i need something else, keep in mind i installed a new Magneto, still didn't work. Well what do you know as soon as i popped the clutch i went like a bat outta heck. Just to keep you all posted , if your having trouble and you checked everything possible , it may be that dang thing they call a CDI. Hope this helps some of you NOOBS. Thanks SHOEY
which part fails first, the magneto or the CDI? my engine was running one moment and not the next. i tested the magneto and it registered with my voltmeter at about 1.5Megaohms. i had read earlier that the ohms should have been around 318 ohms. where should it be?
I checked two magnetos today and both were about 326 on the ohmeter...I didn't check to see if it was ohms or megaohms. It was my CDI. 2nd failure in past 12 months.