new cns carby need help

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by skyash, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. skyash

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    just got a new cns carby from tdr moto for $30 and new cdi stock one and spark plug grate master for $15
    . what spark plug do i need??.and how many turns on the fuel to air??

  2. skyash

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  3. crassius

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    cns carbs rarely run right on an unmodified motor

    I never heard of 'spark plug grate master' - I use $3 plugs

    while, I can't help with your questions, I can tell you that from the pic, you seem to have a real problem with your clutch adjustment - that arm should be MUCH closer to in line with seam of drive cover than it looks in picture (unless you have lever locked in pic)
  4. KCvale

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    I like NGK 5944 (BPR7HIX) Iridium plugs.
    ~$10, you get a little compression boost and you will never have to **** with it again.

    The biggest problem with the CNS was getting it to seal up right to the intake.
    You can read this form 5 years ago when I first got one if you like.

    There is no 'number of turns' on the idle mix that suites every build, but there is graph in that thread that shows how the 2 jets interact at different engine RPMs and throttle positions.

    Tweaked just right on a good 66c engine they do pretty well, better than an NT.
  5. skyash

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    thanks for your in put . i think the clutch was in . had luck last night but in the morning bike did not go as good at all idle is up and down i have tryed all the needle sitings and air /fuel and plugs like ngk b5hs. b6hs. b7hs .and grate master and bpr6hix. no good cuts out on take off at w.o.t and then missing at hi speed every one is different .my bike will not even work good with old carbys i got and plugs that did work good at one stage the bike has new cdi and magneto .and now has the shakes that bad it broke the in take pipe and at hi speed the fuel shoots out the tank .last week i had the red speedy carby on and ngk b7hs plug and it was perfect ...then started cuting out now with all the new stuff on i put that setup on and its no good and the weird thing i got a stock motor and hit 77.1kmh on a flat run then it never did it again .so all the up grades and different motors none of them can or have or will do that my ones eny way .BUT spoke to the maker of these things and got a NEW ONE cumming out he is saying 66cc. 2 stork. electric start . but centrifugal clutch. not manual .he showed me a pic on hes computer . like a pocket bike starter on front wood be heaver and need a battery . but you can have there lights and i don't no maybe speedo . THANKS GUYS .
  6. KCvale

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    That doesn't sound like any fun at all.

    Well, that beats having to pedal start it, the big question is who makes this New Engine and how is the quality?