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    Hi friends,
    I am just so lucky to find this forum ! I wonder why I have not find this forum befire to take some advice or discussion. Just maybe my motoredbike is quite antique/old so I have not find it on the correct spot. Infact I find this by keyword of AC MAGNETO (coz at this time I have some problem and looking for advice to discuss about my ignition/spark)

    OK OK, I will try to honour the ruler here, so let's me introduce myself.
    Actually my names is Vincent but for sake of easy my nickname just 4nn4
    My origin is Indonesia, Surabaya city (2nd city after capital city).
    I have motoredbikes (which is I try to restore) : Garelli Mosquito 38A (2 stroke-38CC, year around 1940-1950)

    I assume I came to right site to discuss about it? Believe it I can post it on Antique Forum for my case ? Coz my assumption that my bike can categorize as moped ?

    I have the original bike (frame) and original (complete) machine but the problem is that engine (spark plug) wont spark. It's very desperate me, just browsing internet to find similar type. And yes, mostly in Italian language ! So basically I just try to came back to basic idea, for the basic principle of how motorcylce (2 strokes) can working. Which is in my problem to repair/fix the ignition system first. It's include (maybe) to modify the original ignition system (it's use AC Magneto-Platina) to AC-CDI (can it ??)

    Attch is PDF manual file (in Italia) so you can see the engine. I will be back to post some pictures soon and my thinking/problem about the engine.

    Thank you and sorry if my introduction is sooo long. I'm just so happy to find this site,just maybe you guys can give some inspiration to me


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    hey no problema, you need to talk with zevo. welcome
  3. 4NN4

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    Dear Stude13,
    Wow thanks so much..Well probably tomorrow I will upload the pic of the engine
    Also for zevo name's..Cool hope he could kindly give some advice too
    Have a nice day !
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    To 4NN4 -- welcome - hope that you find your answer here and also have some fun. From the USA have a good day -- from - Mountainman
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    Thanks Mountainman..
    Well, I'm aware this is quite forum for American motoredbikes but I do hope the principle and the basic knowledge will so much apply to Italian engine...

    Afterall it's render useless for me to stick with Italian forum etc...Haha

    Btw below link is just my first post regarding my problem

    Thank you
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    Welcome to MBc, 4nn4! We'll do our best to help you figure out how to get the Garelli running. Your thread about it is in the right place, and anyone on this forum with knowledge of antique motoredbikes should see it there.