New country, better bike laws!

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    Hello all,

    A while ago I moved from England to Brazil, and was delighted to find that I could ride a low-powered motor vehicle without insurance or a license (for info on the horrors English motorized bike riders have to go through to be legal, check out this guy's experience:

    I bought a 2-stroke kit and the cheapest bike I could find, then spent over a month trying to get it together and working (mostly due to having to bodge/repair poor-quality parts from the kit). Once it did, I used it daily and I've since upgraded to a tougher bike. Here's what the first incarnation looked like:

    I absolutely love my bike, the decent speed and fuel efficiency make it more than enough for running errands in the city. I've been a bicycle nut since my early teens, but now my attention is focused more towards mopeds and motorcycles. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all.


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    What a nightmare to do an MAB in England.When bureaucracy is so glutted it slows down the bureaucrats something should be done, thank god for open country where people have more important things to worry about.Have fun in Brazil.
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    Here in the USA it laws vary greatly from state to state. You can go to some states which may have guidelines but will allow you to build a bike. Other states don't want motorized bicycles on their public roads at all. Glad you found a cool place to ride your bike.
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    I am right next to you in Paraguay. Same here with zero legal requirements!
    I love the feeling of freedom!
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    Yeah, I never considered a motorized vehicle of any kind in England due to the taxes and regulations. Glad to hear Paraguay is liberal about MABs; I thought all of the US was cool with them too before reading this forum. Today I got the final parts I needed in the mail, now I can finish the upgrade. It's gonna be a good weekend! :)
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    Here is it after the upgrade:

    Picture 2.jpg
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