New Custom Exhaust!

Here's my new custom exhaust. It makes a deep tone (for a 2 stroke). Tell me what you guys think.


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that's one sick looking exhaust.

Any details how on your machined it? Were those exisiting mufflers you moded or what?
Here's a picture of what the exhaust looked like when I got it. I ordered it from The flange fit perfectly minus the fact that we had to drill the holes bigger for the bolts to fit. Everything was pretty simple. Cut the piping off, made a bracket to hold the tips to the frame, and welded the flange to where I cut. I'll take more pictures as soon as I get the time.


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Can we listen to it? I bet the cops will be pulling you over just to get a closeup and to meet wait a sec your in Montana, everything's legal there. Oh great idea get yourself a shotgun holster for that badboy!!!
Very sweet! A video would be nice, but can you please post more pics of that bike? I love that frame!

(Never mind, I found them.)
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