New Dax FD Completed And Tested

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Mike St, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Mike St

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    Just completed a Dax FD on a Schwinn Riverside Ladies bicycle and compared it to my Schwinn Riverside male bicycle powered by a Tanaka Purefire 2 stroke, 33cc engine with a light 5:1 gearbox and double right-sided chain drive with 11t/54t sprockets. The Dax is powered by a Robin EHO 35 and a 1 inch roller, which produces good low end torque and about 26 mph top speed, a perfect combination.

    The Dax parts are very sturdy, includes all the hardware and is packaged well. We replaced the supplied 1.25 inch roller with the 1 inch roller, using a puller, per the new Dax video. The Robin has thru holes, so we used 1.75 inch mounting bolts rather than studs supplied in the kit. Both bikes tested well. Both are quiet, the Robin a little louder. It's easier to gearup the chain drive using a 14t drive sprocket than it is to change rollers on the Dax FD. Both bikes tested about the same, with the only difference being how the engines perform. The Tanaka wants to almost shift to a higher rpm power range for more torque, and after that it reach a fast, very smooth rpm range. It's very quiet for a 2 stroke. The Robin has better low end torque but both engines produces good top end speed. Both engines are exceptional. The advantage of the Dax FD is it installs quickly, almost on any bike, and the advantage of the chain drive is very durable, all weather performance, although the DAX FD can ride in snow and wet weather.

    The throttles/kill switch is from DAX, a very nice combo after grinding off the inner plastic stub for tighter mounting.

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  2. BigBlue

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    Mike St

    nice pair of bikes - clean install!

    Good job,

    AKA: BigBlue
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    That friction drives can be used in wet weather is not in doubt but the real issue is how well since they ALL slip when wet and lose efficiency.
  4. Mike St

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    I can't say for sure if the Dax FD works in wet weather but DAX has an online video showing the Dax FD riding in snow and wet pavement. Here's the video, and it looks convincing:
    But who rides around in snow and rain anyway? Even with a chain drive, I'd be off the street.
  5. Richard H.

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    Not looking to shoot the messenger here and I hope you'll be happy with your purchase but try it out yourself in the rain or even a wet street and get back to me.
    I watched the vid and a hilarious piece of showmanship there. At first the vid claims "doesn't slip in the rain or the snow", later that gets downgraded to just "it works wet or dry" WORKS being the keyword.
    As I wrote in my other post:
    Later still the vid goes on to say "as you can see it works very well wet" LMAO, from running a couple of loops at slow speed on a flat street? Try accelerating under load or going up almost any kind or hill or grade. But hey, give points for unregulated self-promotion, almost as hilarious as the comment about having "the copyrights" on the design, lol, copyright or patent? Well anyone can look up the what the difference is on that. Just poking fun at the stuff some of these vendors try to get away. BTW, anyone who had or owns a BMP friction drive kit can clearly attest to which came first, the chicken or the egg, lol.
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    Theres only 2 quality friction kits available out there and that 1 crappy one from boygofast[?], we should be thankfull we've got 2 to choose from.
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    there is nothing wrong with dax and it does work wet pretty dam good i rode 25 miles the other day and got caught in the rain and it never slipped a bit i did 20 mph the who time in the rain just add a little more presure and thats it and it really isnt that much more really and yes i ride in the rain all the time as this is my only transportation i got
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    Need Some Help FD Installation

    I have a 2 stroke chain drive and just picked up this weedwacker engine for $2. Being such a good deal I wanted to make it in to a FD mount but need some input to help guide me in the right direction. I see the DAX HD mount kit looks really good but I need (maybe) a centrifugal clutch if I don't use a release bar to drop the engine on the wheel. I have extra parts like throttle etc..

    Don't know how the 4 hole adapter plate DAX sells with the kit would connect to the drive. Here are some pictures of the engine, drive shaft with and without cover.

    I have subscribed to this thread so that will probably help immensly.



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