Carby New dax rt carb awesome!


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Aug 25, 2012
Hello everyone! Wanted to introduce myself ive been reading all these posts and its all really helped me alot! Ive always liked bikes and just started into the motors. Finished my first build a few months ago. Right out of the box everything worked pretty well. I see some people posted alot of problems but fortunately I didnt run into as first. My bike was running good except wot it would start the notorious 4 stroking pretty bad. You could actually feel it kicking in and out of 4 strokimg and the significant speed increase when it wasnt 4 stroking. Oh btw I have 66cc skyhawk with the "new performance carb"cna with blue air filter. And I noticed alot of oil and gunk buildup all around the carb. I drilled out the mixture screw cause it was sealed and tried to tune it and u know how that went. Complete JUNK! Would start revving like crazy and the air filter was so loose you could spin it around on the carb. Not to mention the choke lever was completely falling apart. It was loose and almost falling off so I tightned the screw in the middle then the underneath started falling apart! So after seeing all the negative reveiws on it and knowing that everything included is pretty much junk including the 6 bolts I stripped I decided to get a brand new one from thatsdax and all I can say is wow! If u hqve a cns take it off and throw it in the trash! And buy the rt! Has I was hooking the rt up it comes with a semi auto choke so you push the lever on the carb once its warmed give. A quick wot and itll disengage. Heres a tip though before I had the carb on my bike I hooked up throttle and tried pulling on the other end with my hand and the choke wasnt disengaging. So I called duane from thatsdax and immediately he answers no automated messaging service or anything just the man u need to talk to and duane told me to just hook it up and it would be fine. We bs for a bit and he wanted me to call him back to let him know how it was going. Anyway once its hooked up on ur bike you twist the throttle and choke comes right off. Must b that extra force with the handle bar and its so nice having the xtra room on the handlebars! But the carb compared to cns is night and day! Immediately soo much quieter! Sounds like a little dirtbike now. VB throttle is sooo responsive especially low to midrange is awesome. On my old carb I had to turn it half a turn before I even hit throttle. Not from slack but I looked and theres a little pin beside the black throttle plug thats gets pulled when u give it gas on my old carb. This one its not there and so responsive. Duane said this one uses a much simpler system and main jet so it works way better and no stupid overflow tube dripping gas on my leg lol. Anyways at wot I noticed a speed increase but still 4 stroking so I switched my jet to a 65 and btw duane gives you 6 jets 60 through 80 and wow! I was flying around the block laughing like a madman it goes so much faster its great hearing your motor running they way IT SHOULD! At wot theres a little 4 stroke that comes and goes so I might try the 60 jet today but I am more than happy and the carb looks awesome. Take my advice for $30 and 6 jets the carb is well worth it. And order a new clutch handle for $5 while your at it because my locking pin came flying out in the middle of my ride. The ones from thaats dax have flat reinforced back wso thats cant happen and its so much easied to pull! Im happy to be part of a great forum and its aawesome to come and talk to everyone with the same hobby as you! If anyone is ever around greensburg pa come for a ride with me! And p.s. Sorry for the misspelling im typing from my pos phone
Oh btw just wanted to mention alk 6 jets come with the carb. No need to order extra!
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Well as far as the subject of the post I agree. Just bolted my new RT from dax on a day ago and in my opinion it's not a highly adjustable carb but it out preforms an ht by leaps and bounds.
I don't know if you read it or not but he is typing from a phone. Phones don't let you add spaces between paragraphs on many forums unlike computers do.