New Diamondbacck Outlook 48cc 2-stroke

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    Other than the 32 spoke rear wheel this build went together very easy.

    Parts and prices after shipping or sales tax.
    2012 Diamondback Outlook 21-speed bicycle. $298.
    2012 Grubee Skyhawk GT-2B 48cc 2-stroke engine. $149 (had a coupon).
    SBP supplied front mount, dual pull brake lever and Iridium plug. $35.
    BMX foam grips, 16g double insulated ignition wire and CDI cap. $8.
    TOTAL $490. *$450 if you count the new parts I remove and the bike shop buys back.


    I do like the SBP front mount, and the way the engine sits I didn't even have to take that 2012 EPA muffler heat shield off.



    You may have noticed there is no front derailleur in the motorized pics, that is because I remove them on every build.
    Why? One less control on the handlebars for something that is virtually useless with a motor anyway, the bike shop I get the bikes from gives $20 credit if I return it intact, and if you want to use a different front sprocket just grab the chain and move it there by hand, the rear tensioner makes that easy.


    As you can see from the above pic with the front derailleur gone and the pair of stock brake levers removed (shop will give me $20 for a pair of those as well) and replaced with a dual pull brake lever the motorized version only has one lever and twist control on each side like the stock bike and all that really should be there in my opinion.

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