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    hi all,

    I thought lets introduce my self. my name is Gydo and I am 23 years old. I live in the Netherlands.
    I have already did look a lot at this form, and did see lots of cool stuff.

    so I did decide that I wanted to build my own MB to. I have everything to start the build. by now I need to find the time to do it. but the weather is going better so lets go out side and play:evilgrin:

    very soon I am going to poste some pics of the bike I going to use. its an beach cruiser
    most difficult part is that I want to make a custom tank for it. :whistling:

    and just for the record, yes it is illegal to ride an MB in the Netherlands but ware I live is the change of getting
    caught very small :cool:

    so I think that's it for now you can read en see more of me very soon.

  2. troyg

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    Welcome aboard, very fortunate place to live IMO. If they are illegal there, I would suggest (if you have the $$) basing your build around a rackmounted "Robin Subaru EH035".When rackmounted, an assist system can be easily disguised, the RS-EH035 is the quietest engine you can buy stock, and then you can use any window-wiper resivor from a car, or antifreeze bottle (HDPE-2) for your gas tank.If you go with a Happy-Time-Grubbee-China-Girl, there is no disgusising what it is.Either way, be safe and have fun.
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    Welcome to the forum. It must be great to live in such a bike culture.
  4. gydo12345

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    hi all again,

    for us dutch people is it very normal. every one does it. we learn it when we are around 3 a 4 years old:grin5:
    here also a few pics of the bike i am going to use 20150319_193939[1].jpg 20150319_201508[1].jpg 20150319_194003[1].jpg